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Fun Ways to Enjoy Summer with Family

Updated on January 2, 2015
Homemade ice cream in a bag
Homemade ice cream in a bag | Source
Native Island Dancer
Native Island Dancer | Source

Playing at the beach is so fun but not everyone lives by the beach. Here are several ideas that will help you to get going and have fun this summer!

  • Make a wish come true, have your kids write down a list of wishes , have them make some simple wishes like a favorite food dish, or favorite dessert or favorite card game or game to play. Then one day surprise them with a wish come true! It will help your children enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
  • Tickle Me Pink Day! make Shirley temples or pink lemon-aide and wear pink and later make shrimp cocktails. You can watch the PINK PANTHER Show, and or play ''Pink's Music, depending how old the kids are.
  • Making Smoothies together, even better, go to a local produce farm and let the kids pick out the fruits they want in their smoothies.
  • Making Wind chimes
  • Have an Ice Cream Social Make you own Ice cream topping bar, invite friends over and have them bring a topping!
  • Have a jar with pieces of paper tags that have nice dinner ideas written on them. On Friday night, Let the dad or kids pick out a dinner that they will have, or dinner place that you could go to.
  • "Sponge Bob and Tag" is fun you have buckets of water and throw the sponge at each other.
  • Walk and talk, this is a great way to exercise and get in touch with your kids.
  • Take advantage of the long warm nights and have a backyard camp out.
  • Dance Dance Dance!! Have a dance party, crank up the stereo and everybody dances. Its great exercise and a lot of fun!
  • Local parks or amphitheaters usually have music or events going on in the summer that are usually free.
  • Make your own fancy flavored BBQ sauce together as a family and have the kids name it, you never know it might become the most popular item in the local grocery store!!
  • Check out your papers for free events. Go to a Pow Wow, they usually have a lot of really nice native american dancing.
  • YMCA is an affordable option for the family
  • Save money on expensive camps and take the family on a weekend trip, or day trip. you can also use that money for the whole family to go to the wave pool 2x a week.
  • Create a reading nook outside in the tent. sometimes reading by flashlight at night is a great way to get kids to like reading in the summer!
  • Slip and slides are fun and an affordable way to have fun in the sun with some water.
  • Making homemade ice cream is pretty easy, I put a link in here for you on how to make it.
  • Pick produce at a local farm and earn some money and take home goods. Blue Berries, Peaches, fruits are all discounted when U-pick.

Picnic | Source

Summer Must do's

  • Play Tag
  • Go swimming
  • Draw up squares and play hopscotch
  • Play miniature golf
  • Flying kites
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Beach Ball Toss
  • Bubbles, popping bubbles is fun!
  • Volleyball
  • Roast marshmallows and make Sm-ores!
  • Eat Watermelon
  • Summer Sing A long's are really fun.
  • BBQ's
  • Picnics at the park or lake
  • Country Drives
  • Drive somewhere and watch the sunset go down and listen to your favorite song.
  • Frisbee Golf or Disk Golf
  • Go hiking
  • Play Tennis
  • Go Fishing
  • Camping
  • Go to a baseball game!


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