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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Congratulations Simone Biles!

Updated on December 16, 2015

And The Winner Is...

You can never be too old or too young, to early or too late to be great. What can be considered ironic is that while most of the world is focusing on current glory and greatness, we sometimes forget there is always, hopefully, something better and greater coming. Simone Biles is not new to the gymnastics world but very unfamiliar to most. She has been flipping and balancing ever since a daycare trip to the gym when she was 6 years old. Thank goodness those around her knew how great she would be. Congratulations Simone on winning the Team USA Award for Female Olympic Athlete of the Year!


Numbers Don't Lie.

Simone began her professional career in 2007 by placing in the State Championship. From that year forward, Simone continued to grow and get better. She went from 24th all-around and sixth on vault in 2007 to placing in the Western Nationals at 16th overall, fourth on vault and 8th on floor. Fast forwarding to 6 years later, Simone has broken and continues to break records. According to Team USA, Simone has became the first woman to win 10 career world championship gold medals – and four golds at consecutive world championships. She has upgraded her world championship medal collection to 14 overall, which tied her for third all time and the most ever earned by a U.S. gymnast, male or female. She has also become the first woman in 23 years to accomplish a three-peat, winning three consecutive U.S. all-around titles. In the words of the fictional yet hilarious dj, Martin Lawrence, YOU GO GIRL!


So, What's Next?

This year, Simone has won the all-around title at the American Cup (ahead of her USA teammate by an amount that broke an American Cup record) and in Italy- helping Team USA bring home the Jesolo Trophy and more gold medals, as well as being named Senior US National All-Around, Vault and Beam Champion. What's next for Ms. Simone? It's pretty safe to say that the Olympics may be her next #GOAL.

Simone Biles BARS



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