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Happy Memories

Updated on October 13, 2010

A Food Fight with my Brother

This incident happened way back in my childhood, i'm guessing around 1965 or 66. I was about 8 or 9 and my brother was 14 or 15. We were left home alone for the first time while our mother went out for awhile. The rhyme pretty much explains it all....

Cream Cheese in My Face

By Del Banks ©2002/2010

Our parents weren’t home,

A rarity to say the least.

Just my brother and me,

The brain and the beast.

I followed him around,

Like a hound on a bitch,

And to Tim I seemed the pest

Like an eternal itch.

But this day was without guidance

Unsupervised and alone,

We were left and we were trusted

Two morons were running the home.

“Let’s make something to eat!”

I said with a cheer.

“The cream cheese is mine!”

He replied with a sneer.

With milk in hand,

I made a mad dash,

He grabbed the Philly,

And in his face my milk splashed.

The milk was all over him,

All over the place,

He grabbed me by the nape

And pushed Cream Cheese in my face.

I screamed bloody murder

As he stood back in awe.

I looked at his face

And laughed at what I saw.

His hair was drenched

In that milk so pure.

He laughed right back,

I was a mess, I’m sure.

We clamored to clean up the mess right away,

Our butts were on the line,

That’s the least I could say.

We giggled as we scrubbed

The kitchen so clean.

And stood back and admired

The glistening sheen.

“Don’t tell Mommy!”

I said with a smile.

“Don’t worry,” he said

As he wiped up the tile.

My favorite memories live on

In these stories I tell

Of two idiots named Banks

One’s name is Tim and the other is Del.


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