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Health, Horses, Healing and Hippocrates

Updated on January 20, 2017

Horses and Hippocrates

Anna Maria and Brian Clement
Anna Maria and Brian Clement | Source
Anna Maria and Brian Clement
Anna Maria and Brian Clement | Source
Brian and Anna Maria Clement, owners of Hippocrates.
Brian and Anna Maria Clement, owners of Hippocrates. | Source

The Journey Continues: Day Five of Seven

Health has no boundaries and as an equine journalist who writes about and photographs horses, sending a message of health just makes sense. I am on a one week journey at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. Since, this is an area that has a host of horses in every breed and discipline (including dressage, show jumping, reining, racing and so much more), it only makes sense that Hippocrates is an ideal place for the horse people who love and care for them.

Obviously, Hippocrates is a place that helps heal people, but I was not aware that in the past it also has helped heal and improve the performance of horses.

I chatted with Hippocrates owner Brian Clement about that horse connection, which took place back when this place of health and wellness had its headquarters in Massachusetts.

“When I was still in Boston guests who came through the program and got extraordinary results were horse owners and some were race horse owners,” Brian commented.

One of those owners approached Brian and asked him if he thought the health benefits that humans were seeing could extend to a horse. Knowing that horses are already Vegans (which is the foundation of Hippocrates), he felt positive that the same premise could be transferred to horses.

Healing Horses Alternatively

One of the healing techniques that Hippocrates uses is wheatgrass poultices on wounds and this was one of the protocols they passed on to horses. This is done by taking left over pulp from after the wheatgrass is juiced and using that as a poultice to heal whatever is under it.

There was some trial as to how much to use on a horse compared to what you would use on a human but once that was figured out, not only did the horse’s healing improve but as Brian explained, “using the raw, fresh grasses and germinated sprouts worked rapidly in the horse’s recovery and rebuilding since these gracious creatures are plant-based eaters inherently, and have not polluted their bodies as humans have with non-foods.”

The horses loved the sprouts and clearly looked forward to their daily addition to their diet. They also used different salves with herbs to help dissolve growths. In addition, owners and trainers were encouraged to ensure the horses were kept warm when they were sleeping. The combination of all the above proved to solve a host of problems and get the horses back in action much quicker than the normal turnaround time had been for the various conditions.

“I learned a lot from that. I learned that we are not different. For the first time, I gained a different respect for their intelligence. I believe that one of the horses thanked us. He got better and you could see a difference, not only in his attitude, but in his hair and mane,” Brian added.

Once the headquarters moved down to Florida that part of the business ended, but with so many horses around, Brian has a renewed interest in working with horses again.

A Passion for Horses

Both Brian and his wife Anna Maria have a love for horses and if you wander around the property you will see a variety of horse statues and artifacts.

“Anna Maria and I both see the horse as elegant and complete. They don’t have self-esteem problems. These large bodies running 50 miles an hour; it’s a noble image,” said Brian.

“Everyone likes horses and everyone likes babies. The Institute is universal; we perceive ourselves as global. We have over 17 countries represented in our guest population presently. We embrace the noble horse and have their image distributed throughout Hippocrates campus so that people can be uplifted when they are in their process of achieving transformation and healing. What other species has the endless love of the horse?”

For Brian and his wife, healing horses was just an extension of what their goals are for people. Health is the most important gift we can receive, and for Brian, seeing what he believes working to heal so many, “is a gift for me. The plan I had was and is to change humanity. I took on this mission because it is that important. You can’t help to change humanity without a presence.”

Brian feels that in a way he’s had a part in knowing that today more people throughout the world are Vegan than ever before.

Brian and Anna Maria live a life that never stops. Last year they spent 210 days somewhere in the world sharing their philosophy about the road to health.

When I asked why this dedicated couple works endless hours, Brian was quick to respond, “We are happy since we love our work. As you get older your ego tames itself. Your brain is a foe not a friend. Your heart becomes your guiding force.”

With the horse lover in me coming out I wondered if Brian wanted to end on one last horse moment and sure enough he did and commented, “In general people who have a love of horses have a sense of warmth and humanity. Maybe they should also apply this to themselves and maintain the same level of concern for their companion as they do for the horse.”

This is the fifth article in this series. To read the first four articles, go to Hippocrates day one and day two and day three.and day four.

So, keep following me in this journey of health, the Hippocrates way. For more about Hippocrates, visit their website at, or call 561-471-8876. And if you happen to know a person (or a horse) who needs some healing help, tell them about Hippocrates, because Hippocrates is about health, horses, and healing.


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