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How I Flunked Girl Scouts

Updated on February 21, 2011

Drummed out of the Corps

I was 10, new to the elementary school. When the teacher announced they were starting a troop of Brownies, she asked if anyone wanted to join; I waved my hand. Her daughter was in the class so, finally, a friend!

We met after school at their house. I was yakking away to the girl next to me when the teacher asked something like "Who's excited to be a Brownie?" Stuck my hand in the air like everybody else. Next question, "Has anyone's mother been a Girl Scout?"  Still had my hand in the air. Didn't realize I'd answered the wrong question until the leader got all excited and happy...I was overcome with embarrassment, couldn't say it was all a BIG mistake!

The leader called my mom later, trilling, "Oh I was so excited to hear you were a Girl Scout!" whereupon my mother said, "Wherever did you get that idea? I never join anything."

Needless to say I was drummed out of the corps. Took me a while to make any more friends. The other little girls turned their backs on me totally. Why couldn't I just speak up? I'll never know. I'm not that way any more!


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