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How To Create Meaningful Leisure Time

Updated on August 27, 2017
Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma is a Filipina expat living in Germany. She is a very creative person, shares tips and DIY about anything she has done in life.

A woman feeling bored in the middle of the amazing landscape.
A woman feeling bored in the middle of the amazing landscape. | Source

What is leisure time?

I was looking for a topic that is different from the other hubs that I wrote. Something that I have heard often this few days not only in my surroundings but also in facebook. The words "I´m bored" and "boring day again". My hubby used to say, "Husbands or boyfriends are not for entertaining their wives or girlfriends." I can see that. If I want to be entertained, I will go to a musical concert or to a cinema.

In the last few years and since I became a member in Hub Pages community, I forgot how it is to feel bored. How could I ? I know I had that boredom before because as a full pledge housewife for 20 years, I had a lot of leisure time when my household chores were done. I just did not know how to use it.

What is leisure time? For me, leisure time is when I am free to do what I like whatever it is I like to do. Like reading, writing, dancing, singing with friends or gardening when and if I have a garden. I would even climb a mountain if there´s a mountain near my place.

Beach in White Island Camiguin, Philippines.
Beach in White Island Camiguin, Philippines. | Source

Beach Wear

A comfortable beach wear for relaxing at the beach with your friends and or family.

Using leisure time

There are many ways to spend your leisure time creatively:

Beach Walking :

Spending your time at the beach walking is one of the relaxing things you can do. You can enjoy barefoot walking if you want to. It is very healthy as the sands massages the reflex points of your feet. Your feet will be grateful for that.


Swimming at the beach or in the swimming pool is another kind of spending your leisure time. You can do it with your family or friends. Having a picnic is wonderful.


Visiting a cinema and looking for a funny film is one way of relaxing. When you are laughing about the film, you are getting stress hormones out of your body. Laughing is good. But of course you can choose what film you love to see. It´s up to you. It´s your leisure time.

Creative Writing

Visiting a course for creative writing is not a bad idea. You will learn a lot how to write and create your own stories. But then you don´t have to visit a course. You can try to write in your diary or writing your journal and find out if there is any enjoyment you feel in writing. If not, there are still many other ways to spend your spare time.

Concert Visiting

I have visited a Santana Concert in Oberhausen, Germany before. It was all so new to me. The concert was beautiful and awesome. I enjoyed it very much. The only thing that bothered me was the smell of what the people were smoking. The smell made me feel sick that I have to find another place to stand. Then I found out later that some of the audience smoked "Maryjane".


Painting is one of the most relaxing ways of spending ones leisure time. It gives a natural flow of thoughts which has actually no directions and it makes the mind and soul relaxed. It gives satisfaction to a painter when one or two paintings out of ten turn out to be good enough for his own eyes. That is what my painter/artist hubby said.


Shopping is the most favorite of all women. Who does not? Women can always go shopping, whether they are sad, angry or happy. It is the outlet of how women feel inside by the way they shop things that are not really needed in ones life. There is always a reason to go shopping even if the closet is overloaded of clothes that are still good.

Even "window" shopping is being practised. " Window" shopping is commonly practised in the Philippines. The shopping malls are full of people who just spend their time strolling around, looking something without buying anything. Some just go inside the shopping mall to cool themselves from the heat of the sun. Why not? It is their leisure time!


Cycling is the best if you want to lose or control your weight. Cycling on a fine sunny day in the countryside is also relaxing although you are spending more energy than painting or writing. It is good for your health. I love to cycle but only in The Netherlands because there are lots of cycling paths beside the streets. So I left my bicycle at my sisters so that I can cycle every time when I´m there in going to the beach near their place.


Dancing is the leisure time I enjoy so much besides reading and writing. It feels so good and as it is healthy like the above things I suggested, it is also like dancing off your problems and stress away from your body. There are many kinds of dances you can learn in a course if you don´t know how to dance yet, like tango, salsa, cha cha, waltz, zumba and many others. You have varieties to choose from.


Visiting a day spa and having a massage treatment or facial is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Being pampered once in a while by a massage therapist or a beautician helps rebuild your energy. You feel so relaxed in a quiet and tranquility of a day spa.

Finally, I hope that I was able to help you with how to spend your meaningful spare time. There are still lots of things you can do which are not on my list. Just ask yourself what you would like to do best. Thank you for reading this hub.


The Painter, Lothar Alberts
The Painter, Lothar Alberts | Source

Biking / Cycling

Biking in The Netherlands
Biking in The Netherlands | Source



© 2011 Thelma Alberts


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