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How To Sign Up Register For NOAA. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

Updated on May 20, 2013
Ocean Shoreline
Ocean Shoreline


In some areas of the country recreational saltwater fishermen are required to sign up for N.O.A.A.

N.O.A.A. stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Basically, the purpose of registering with NOAA is to give the government an idea of how many people are saltwater fishing. It is also gives agencies a platform to take angler surveys for use in preserving the waterways and fish population.

IMPORTANT UPDATE MAY 2011... some of you may have this article bookmarked as a way to get a (Federal) NOAA card  in order to legally fish saltwater in New Jersey. New Jersey NOW requires you to register with their own NJ Saltwater Registry in order to legally fish in New Jersey. I wrote an article on this topic, click here

As of May 2011, even if you already are with the federal registry, NOAA, you'll still need to register with New Jersey on a different site. If you do not want to fish in Jersey, skip down to How to Sign Up For N.O.A.A." below. If you do want to fish saltwaters in NJ, click the link above or look for it below to check out my other article.

How to Sign Up for N.O.A.A. Step 1

Registering to fish in New Jersey saltwater through NOAA is easy to do and it is free.

The first thing you want to do in registering to salt water fish in N.J. is to go to the salt water angler registry at

Step 2

You might not have to register with N.O.A.A. to fish the ocean and bays. When you are on the website click the button "Do I Need to Register?"

This will take you through a series of easy to answer questions to determine if you need to register with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

If you need to register, go to Step 3. If you don't, please check out some of my other articles!

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Step 3

Go to the registration page and click on the "Individual Angler Registration"

Step 4

Fill out your contact information and the rest of the information that is asked of you.  You'll be able to answer every question without any research forms, etc.  It is pretty self explanatory.

Step 5

Once Completed, your National Saltwater Angler registration card will appear on your computer screen and be immediately available to print out. The card will also have the N.O.A.A. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) logo on it.

Print it out. Grab your rod. Start saltwater fishing

OK.... Wait... I Want to Fish In PA Also

If you want to fish in Pennsylvania you will want to get your fishing license for sure. Fishing licensing is vigorously enforced in Pennsylvania. There is no Atlantic saltwater in PA so you won't need a NOAA registration in Pennsylvania (at least as of May 2013) but you will definitely need your license.

Getting a new or first time fishing license in Pennsylvania is easy to do and best of all you can do it on line. You can of course get your license at most sporting good stores but getting one on line and printing it at home is pretty easy too. Check out the link below to learn how to get your PA license to fish

Get PA License

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