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How to Throw a Powerful Punch

Updated on May 9, 2014


Stand with your knees slightly bent, on a diagonal angle with your left foot (if you're right handed) facing forward. You stand on an angle for a number of reasons but primarily so that:

a) you get better balance

b) there is less you you to hit

Your left foot should be facing your opponent, while you’re right foot can be turned in slightly, elevating the heel.

You want to make sure that your legs are far enough apart (shoulder height) that you do not fall off-balance. You want to become a solid rock that will never topple.

Your left hand should be used as a guard to your face, with your thumb almost resting on your chin. You want your right hand to be up, but not as high, and a little further back as this will be used for your first power punch.

Army Jab
Army Jab | Source

The Jab

With your left hand resting slightly on your chin, pull a quick flick-action, extending your left arm to its full extent.

The jab is not used for power, but more to both size up your opponent for a power punch or to throw them off guard. It is

imperative that you remember to bring your left hand back to your chin immediately after the jab.

The Cross/Straight

The cross/straight is often performed after the jab. It is done by throwing forward the right hand horizontally towards

the left hand side of your opponent. as your arm comes across, your palm should be facing the ground. Your torso should twist with your punch, but not as far as to take your body off balance.


The Left Hook

The left hook is the power punch. It compliments nicely after a right cross. With a hook you can either keep your fist vertical or you can turn it to be horizontal in the same manner as the cross, it is whatever feels natural.

As you throw a left hook, you will twist your body to follow through the hook, however you want to be careful not to twist too far as to knock yourself off balance. A hook is meant to be the money punch, clost to the body and devastating in damage.


The Right Hook

If you're like me, I find the only opportunity I get to use a right hook is either after a left jab, or a left hook. The right hook uses similar form to the left hook, however because of your natural stance you may find it difficult to find an opportunity to use the right hook.


The Uppercut

Firstly, forget Mortal Kombat, they have got the concept of an uppercut all wrong. An uppercut is not necessarily a crouching manoeuvre to a high jump, but more of a horizontal (slightly vertical) cheap shot. The uppercut is a quick manoeuvre, used to work the stomach of your opponent.

Best Power Punch

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