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How to build an AR-15 lower .

Updated on August 17, 2014

AR-15 common lower parts

Here is the common parts that make up your AR-15. No matter what type of gun,pistol,rifle,or other,these are the basics to put together an operational weapon. It can get quite confusing just selecting the right AR for the job, not to mention now that you decided which route to take you now have all of these parts in a bag that you have no clue what they do or where they go on your gun.



Construction of your AR-15 lower

Here are the parts included in your lower parts kit and a brief rundown of their general purpose and location on the rifle.

At the bottom of the page is a video that can aid you in the process as well..

1. The trigger assembly- hopefully you know about this one,if not this hobby is not for you (joking of course). IT will be places into the receiver from the top once you put the spring on either side of the pin holes,also before you put it in place you want to add the disconnect or spring in the notch in the back,and place the disconnector on top and pin it in place with one of the pins. This can be a tad tricky,but this is a tough as the build process gets,so it’s all down hill from here folks.

2. Now that you have your trigger and disconnector in you can proceed to install your hammer. You will first need to place the hammer spring on each side of the pin holes,much like the trigger,then with tension on the spring place it in the same way the trigger went in and pin it in place using the only pin you have left for the fire controll. Congrats,your fire controll group is installed,push down on the hammer and see if it functions properly.

3.Next I typically install my safety selector by turning my receiver upside down and sliding the selector into place. Next I drop in the retention pin and spring,then place my grip on and screw it will find doing this with the receiver inverted wil greatly help you out in this step so parts don’t fly everywhere,gravity is your friend.

4. The front take down pin goes in , drop the spring into the hole and hold the retention pin down with tweezers and slide the takedown pin in,this is a little tricky as well.

5. Next I usually go ahead and install my bolt catch, you simply drop in the spring,then plunger,then hold the release in place while tapping in your roll pin until flush.

6. Next my trigger guard goes in is very simple,clip in the forward part and simply line up the holes in the pack and tap in your roll pin until flush, be careful when tapping in roll pins, I have broken off the ear of a lower with a slight miss of my hammer. I will also install my mag catch by holding it in place,dropping in the spring and holding the button in the hole while spinning the catch.

7. Last I usually Finnish up with the rear of the gun,installing the back takedown pin and buttstock. I usually invert the receiver so the rear is facing up and slide in the rear takedown pin. Next in goes the retention pin and then the spring. With my end cap and castle nut already on my buffer tube ,I hold down on my end cap and tighten down the nut.when in place I will continue to add the spring to my buffer retention pin and screw in my buffer tube to ensure it catches and holds the pin in place.

8. Last, I slide my stock onto my buffer tube , and that’s it! I’m done, I give it a once over,and make sure all of my parts function and I’m ready to move on and pin on my upper of choice!


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