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How to buy the right scope for your AR-15

Updated on August 17, 2014

You can't shoot what you can't see.

Pick the right optic to suit your needs,wether you have a target gun or use it for home defense,this guide will steer you in the right direction .With all of the available options,makes and models this can get a bit overwhelming,this guide is the very basic and general way to pick the right type of optic.As always if there is something I missed,an area that you need me to elaborate on,or have any questions,please leave a comment or message me and I'm glad to help,let's get going



Starting the process now that you selected your AR-15

Let’s face it, there are a ton of offerings and available options in the way of this versatile gun.obviously the are just as many applications and caliber for your gun as well.knowing what your intentions are for your gun is the most important step in determining the best route to take. Below is a quick reference guide to help you through the process,and be forewarned , with optics,just like anything else in life you will pay for quality,and quality is not now that you have your gun,let’s go shopping for your scope.

So,like many you probably bought your gun as a tactical and/or defensive weapon, in which most cases you will be engaging a target at relatively close quarters,with the need to quickly acquire the target for a fast shot placed on target. The typical purchase for this task is the red dot scope, and electrical red dot that the eye can quickly and easily pick up in all lighting conditions. There are tons to choose from, but if you are trusting your life I will recommend the two that the military and law enforcement community use almost 100% of the time. These are the ACOG (made by Trijicon) and the EEotech. Both of these are top notch scopes that offer the best technology,dependability , and most importantly clarity on the market today. They both offer many flavors with different options,and can all even be fitted with night vision for those of you with deep enough pockets to take advantage of the option. Be well aware that because of the awesome reputation and popularity of these sights, there has been a lot of counterfeits and knock-offs produced lately. Make sure you know what your buying and ask sellers questions before you buy. (The ones offered on this page are legit)

The next biggest group of AR-15 owners is the hunter or target shooter. Their guns are built for shooting at greater distances,with typically more time to engage the target before the shot than the tactical shooter. These are typically the tubular,magnifying type scopes you typically have been accustomed to see.The magnification is dependent on the distance of the typical shot had. The higher the magnification,the further you can reach out and touch a target. As previously stated,these can get pricey as well, the sky is the limit when buying a decent optic, but a mid-line quality scope can usually be had for about $400.00. There are many more options in this area than with the red-dots (and as a side note red dots can be used to hunt at closer distances <100 yds).
The names that first come to mind when I think of quality is (again) Trijicon,Leopold,Nightforce,Meopta,and Nikon also has some affordable options.

No matter what way you decide I highly recommend installing a set of flip-up iron sights as back ups..just incase your primary fails when you need it most,there is a good set offered below offered very reasonably that perfectly fits the bill,I use them on all of my guns.


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