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How to take Longer and Better Throw Ins

Updated on June 25, 2011
Throw in From
Throw in From

Why are throw-ins important?

Although throw-ins are less important than other set pieces like corners,free kicks and penalties but they still are an important part of any football match and if you are a football/soccer coach (I will call it football from now on!) you will want to teach players about how to take a throw in. Throw ins are also important as there are normally more than 25 throw ins for each team in a game - imagine if you could use just a quarter of these to get successful attacks - you may be able to get about an extra 2 goals a match!

Also I am sure if you have watched Stoke City play and Rory Delap's long throws you will see how throw-ins can be better than corners and can lead to many goal scoring opportunities and even goals!

Watch the Rory Delap long throw video below!

Simple Throw Ins

If you just want to take a simple throw in where you just run up and throw it short and quickly to a friend it is very easy!

  1. Pick up the ball with both hands
  2. Stand with your feet facing the field.
  3. Lift the ball behind your head and throw the ball

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How Important Throw Ins Can Be and an Amazing Example of a Long Throw

Long Throws

  1. Pick up the ball as normal
  2. Move a few feet back from the sideline but not too far
  3. Decide where you want the ball to go - in open space, to your friend or just as far away as possible or in the box, you need to decide roughly where you want to throw the ball.
  4. Run up to the sideline - roughly 4 steps should do.
  5. Arch your back so you can get a little more power.
  6. Face your target and put your strongest leg forward.
  7. Bring the ball up behind your head and release the ball.
  8. Think about how great or rubbish your throw was or get back on the field.

Watch the Rory Delap video to see how fantastic long throws can be!

TIP: Often in tight spaces the thrower may be the only man unmarked so after the throw the thrower should run on the pitch quickly hopefully and you can start trying to score a goal or keep possession again.

Will you take better throw ins as a result of this page or teach better throw ins?

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Please don't vote the last option unless you are a misery then that's OK!  In all seriousness though if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments box below and I will try and take your points on board and may add any throw in tips!

I hope you found this hub useful and informative and hopefully your throw ins will improve as a result!  If you want to share this or leave a link to it anywhere you are most welcome to!


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