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How To Take the Best Penalty Kick in Football/Soccer

Updated on October 18, 2010

Why is taking a good penalty important?

A penalty kick is very important in football as it is probably as good a chance to score as ever and a penalty is probably 1000 times better than a corner,free kick or throw in! Penalties are also important as penalties decide things like cup finals and world cups in penalty shoot outs. All that is important when taking a penalty in football is to score and due to the importance of penalties it is definitely worth practising and perfecting.

Practise make perfect!

There are many ways to take a penalty and you do really need to find what method works best for you.  You may find going for one of the bottom corners most successful or just blasting it straight down the middle.  To find the best method for you you really do just need to practise. Many players have their own unique methods of taking penalties – some players like Ronaldo stall their run ups and hope the keeper dives before them to give them an easier chance.

How to not take a penalty

Extra Tip

Extra Tip:  If you are really nervous and not sure what to do just blast it down the middle and aim for about head height and as goalkeepers dive about 90% of the time you will nearly always score!

Penalty Tips

Tips for penalties

1)The most important thing to do first is pick your spot and stick to it. So say you are going for the bottom right corner – don't change your mind.

2)Put the ball down on a nice bit of the penalty spot – not on a divot or you will end up missing it! See the video below to see what David Beckham did!

3)The keeper will try and put you off but just ignore him and don't let him get to you.

4)Never look at where you are going to kick the ball as this tells the goalkeeper where you might be going. (Unless you are quite skilful and deliberately look one way and try to make the keeper think you are going one way but actually go the other. Some professional footballers do this.)

5)Above all though be confident and don't worry you will probably score anyway. Don't think about the consequences when you step up to take the penalty. Even if you muck up don't worry too much as it is not that important – it is only a game! Unless you are taking a penalty to win a tournament it does not really matter that much!

6)Also be ready for a rebound if it is not a penalty shoot out as even if you miss you might score!

Or you can ignore all these tips and do something special like in the video above!

So there you go I hope you will now be able to take better penalty kicks and score many goals.  If you remember just two things – remember pick you spot and stick to it and practise makes perfect and I am sure you will become an expert penalty taker! 

This is going to be part of a series of hubs about football or soccer for Americans all about the beautiful game.

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    • Jordan Riley profile image

      Jordan Riley 

      7 years ago

      Useful write-up you’ve got. Can’t wait to see your new hubs

    • ns1209 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from UK - England

      Feel free to leave any comments about the hub, how to improve it or if you have your own penalty techniques and tips!


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