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Increasing Golf swing speed.

Updated on October 16, 2012
Photo credit  audacity08867
Photo credit audacity08867

Increasing golf swing speed!

If you are someone who is looking to improve your golf game, you will find that there are a number of things that you need to be looking into. No matter what areas you think you need to work on, make sure that you consider how you can work on increasing golf swing speed. You will find that many professional golf instructors want to work on increasing your swing speed, but how can you get those same results on your own? The key to making sure that you can increase golf swing speed is all about the exercises that you do, so make sure that you think about some of the following exercises that can help you!

Increasing golf swing speed - Exercises to improve your swing!

In the first place, one thing that contributes to a slow swing speed is going to be stiffness. If you are too stiff when you swing, you are going to slow down dramatically and this is going to really affect both your aim and where the ball goes, as well as how far it goes. Start by gently loosening up the muscles of your back and your waist. Simply touching your toes and then unrolling your spine back to a standing position can be a good way to progress. You should also consider twisting from side to side at the waist as well to make sure that you are properly loosened up.

If you are sitting in the office, you will find that you can work on improving increasing golf swing speed right from your chair. Sit upright with your hand behind your head. Make sure that your spine is straight and that you are seated firmly in your chair. Rotate slowly from the right, to the left. It is important to make sure that you are not overextending yourself, as this can lead to injury. The more time that you are willing to work on this exercise, the better off you will be. You can also slowly speed up as you do this; doing three sets of ten a day will help you loosen up immensely.

Another aspect of the golf swing speed that you can work on is going to be the rotational aspect. This is where using a modified lunge can be a great help to you. Start by standing with your arms in front of you, holding a dumbbell. Then you can step forward with one leg into a lunge, while at the same time rotating your upper body to the side with the leading leg. As you do this, bring the dumbbell up to your chest height. Hold the position for a moment before stepping back to repeat it with your other leg. Take your time, and remember that too much speed as you work with a dumbbell can be an issue.

If you are ready to consider what your options are when it comes time to increase golf swing speed, remember that finding the right exercises are going to be the key. So many people do not think that they need to work until they get to the green, and that is simply not true!

Photo credit audacity08867


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    • LizzyBoo profile image

      LizzyBoo 8 years ago from Czech Republic

      Woow, what a practical hub about golf. Thank you