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Golf swing problems

Updated on May 9, 2012
Image: Naypong /
Image: Naypong / | Source

Common golf swing problems

Golf is among the most interesting, and highest paying sports found across the world. There are many who devote a large portion of their lives to this sport. It is no wonder then, that so much focus is put on the golf swing and how to improve it. This article seeks to outline the common golf swing problems golfers suffer and the various ways in which these golf swing problems can be fixed.

Common golf swing problems are a golf slice, over the top golf swing and a golf swing hook. Most average golfers complain of a golf slice. A golf slice is mainly caused by a tilt of the axis of spin of the golf ball in a clockwise manner. Golfers who understand the basics of a golf swing can usually fix this problem quickly. Golf slice is a problem that is quite easy to fix. The quickest way to keep a slice in check is by changing the quality of your grip. Weak grips make the golf ball turn more into a counter- clockwise motion that eventually makes the face of the club open widely at the moment of impact. On the flip side, holding the club with a very tight grip may also fail to deliver the perfect hit. It is important to understand the basics of the grip in order to balance your swing. Not too loose and not too tight. Ensure that you do not bend over too much, keep a straight pose and try to bend your knees, though only slightly. A golfer should also make sure their feet are spread shoulder width apart and always keep there eyes on the ball. It may seem like such a small thing, but keeping your eyes on the ball really will make a huge difference.

The hook is another golf swing problem that many golfers experience. It is caused by a close swing that comes mostly from the downswing. The causes of this swing problem are almost similar to those of the slice and only differ in a few minor aspects like body shape and movements. The key to fixing this swing problem, like most problems in golf, is in the grip. Unlike the slicing problem, you have to hold the club in a 90 degree angle in relation to the ball impact. Like most things with golf, repetitive practice is the way to correct this problem.

The last golf swing problem is known as the over the top swing. This is caused by the club leaving the proper swing path before connecting with the ball. As you can see, it is almost the same problem that causes the slicing problem. To control this golf swing problem, you should pay attention to the target much longer on your downswing. Keep your eyes on the ball.

In this article we win over the three major golf swing problems. A slice, the hook and over the top. Many sports require practice, but in golf practice this king. In a sport where the difference between champion and last place as a few millimeters on the face of a tiny ball, the need for practice is essential. Use these helpful tips, get out on the range and practice.


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