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Inspiring Stories of Athletes

Updated on May 9, 2014

Guaranteed to Light the Fire and Inspire!

As the 2012 Olympic Games in London are quickly approaching, I felt it was an opportune time to review some of the most inspirational athletes in the world. Some of these individuals made it to Olympics, some did not, but their stories are equally motivational.

One thing remains synonymous between these individuals; they never gave up despite any obstacles in their way......their stories are truly inspirational.

"You are not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have." Oscar Pistorius
"You are not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have." Oscar Pistorius | Source

Oscar Pistorius

Titled as the "Fastest Man With No Legs", Oscar participated in the Paralympics Games and dominated the track field. But he always wanted to race with able-bodied athletes too.

Pistorius was born twenty-five years ago in Pretoria, South Africa, "without a fibula in either of his legs. His parents yielded to doctors’ recommendations that his lower legs should be amputated, and at 11 months, they were cut off just below the knee. At 13 months, he was fitted with prostheses. At 17 months, he was walking. Now he is among the top-ranked 400-meter runners in the world and a favorite to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics this summer. If he achieves this goal, he will be the first person without intact biological legs to compete in an Olympic running event " (Sokolove 1).

Pistorius' desire to compete against able-bodied athletes has been a battle for years. Some people call his story inspiring and feel his artificial legs would hinder him from running , while others feel that his artificial legs are designed to enhance his running and make it easier for him to win. "In 2008, the International Association of Athletics Federations, track and field’s ruling body, deemed Pistorius’s Cheetah blades a competitive advantage and banned him from competing against able-bodied runners" (Sokolove 1).

Oscar, his family, friends, and fans have fought long and hard to overturn the ruling and allow him to compete in any competition, especially the Olympics, and his dreams are about to come true as Oscar Pistorius will compete in London as the world's first amputee Olympic runner!

Coleman Scott

"I just can't wait to get to London and represent Waynesburg and represent the greatest country in the world, and put those stars and stripes on my back."
"I just can't wait to get to London and represent Waynesburg and represent the greatest country in the world, and put those stars and stripes on my back." | Source

From Pennsylvania to London

If you travel around the world and ask many people to locate Waynesburg, Pennsylvania on a map, I'm pretty sure the majority of individuals would look at you and scratch their heads. Although, the small town of Waynesburg has a current local hero with a heart of gold.

The road to Olympics has not been paved in gold for Coleman Scott or his family. There is a hole in the Scott's hearts that will never be healed.

A family member was torn from them a tragic day on March 1, 2000. A family member that would have loved to celebrate the victories along the way, and the hometown love that the members of Waynesburg all feel for Coleman. He would have loved to travel to all of the matches just like he did for his three children.

Just remember when an Olympian looks into the stands for their cheering family; not all members could make the trip, whether it is for financial reasons, health reasons, or the fact that a family member might have a front row seat in Heaven.


Any athlete knows how an injury can be emotionally and physically draining, but the true inspiration comes from athletes that fight through all of the pain in order to accomplish what they set out to do......finish the race!

Never Give Up!


Fighting for What is Right

All athletes work countless hours, through numerous pains and injuries, but it's hard to imagine that all of that hard work could be for nothing......all because you are a.......woman.

It's true, in this day and age, it can be hard to realize that all of the world is not for equal rights.

The women in Saudi Arabia have been training, but they still may not be able to participate in the Olympics all because of their gender. If they are able to participate, it will be a huge accomplishment for the country that still "is a deeply traditional and ultraconservative Muslim society. Women are severely restricted in public life — they can't even drive — and there are no genuine sporting opportunities. Physical education classes? A trip to the gym? A jog along the highway? No, no and no" (Newberry 1).

Team Hoyt! I CAN!

If you want an inspiring story that brings tears to your eyes, look no further than the story of one sacrificing father and one loving son- Team Hoyt!

A lot of people don't have the agility, speed, strength, or mindset to participate in an IronMan competition, but Dick Hoyt runs, cycles, and swims with his son the whole race. "With his son?"...."Big Deal", you might say......But his son is unable to walk, so Dick runs while pushing his son, Rick, tows him in the water in an inflatable raft, and has a modified bicycle so he can cycle with his son as well. All the while, his son, has a huge smile on his face!

Team Hoyt has participated in countless 5K's, 10K's, half-marathons, marathons, triathlons, and they continue to thank God for all of their accomplishments.

For the Gold!

Fighting through the pain was definitely shown in Kerri Strug in the 1996 Olympics. She hurt her ankle, but fought through the pain to win the gold medal for the USA in gymnastics.

Dream to Inspire Each Other!

When you feel as though the world is a terrible place, look at these amazing athletes that have fought all odds to give you inspiration in any endeavor!

Just remember to never give up on your dreams! These individuals didn't!

© 8 July 2012


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Are you an Olympian or Do You Just Want to Look Like One?


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      Cactus 3 years ago

      Supinrsirg to think of something like that

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      Thanks, healthylife2 for reading and commenting!

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      These athletes are beyond inspiring! I really enjoyed these stories and think everyone can use some daily inspiration! Voted up!

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      Some nice little stories

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