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Is (Was) The 2010 NBA Finals Easily Among The Most Predictable and the Most Exciting Finals Series?

Updated on June 18, 2010
The basketball is round right? So anything is still possible, or is it?
The basketball is round right? So anything is still possible, or is it?

As I write this article, the Series is tied at 2 games a-piece between arch enemies the Boston Celtics and the Lakers.

But even before this series started, people have already made up their minds and have their own predictions about this Finals Matchup. And there is/was a general consensus that this will be a long, tight and exciting series, most probably going to seven or at least six games.

And we have seen that thus far.

And lo and behold, even with the emphatic pronouncements of Paul Pierce that he will not return to LA after their big win on game 2 at Staples, the Boston Celtics will indeed go back to Los Angeles. Yes, like a bad script being played out to the letter in a bad B movie. Now, the only thing we aren’t sure of is if it will be for one or two games.

But definitely there will be a game six folks. Will someone tell “The Truth" that he was wrong on that one. I know, I do not have to tell everyone as all the die-hard Lakers Fans have already did. And that is not to say that the die-hard Celtics Fans aren’t in the face of the Lakers and their fans.

And this is what is making this Series a great one, yes even with the World Cup Fever is now here. England or the US anyone? Or South Africa or Mexico?

Going Back To The NBA Series

Now as far as I am concerned or whatever else I say, this 2010 Celtics-Lakers Matchup is indeed living up to all the expectations.

The thrills, the suspense, the drama, the emotion, the surprises and the good and the bad, they are all there and then some.

And of course whatever happens we still go back to the officiating and the new NBA Rule regarding the review of the tape of any contested last-touch within the last two minutes of the game (the fourth quarter and all overtimes).

Which is a good rule, especially because we saw it in action so far, in games two and three.

Although, it does leave a bad taste in the mouth because they can only review who touched the ball last and they are not able to call any foul even if the referees sees them on the particular last-touch play. Which of course is ridiculous now, after having seen it in action particularly in the two finals games it was used. Anyway there is still time, to amend that, right Mr. NBA Commissioner?

And by the way, I have a question for Commissioner David Stern, who was rumored and widely reported to have been confronted by Celtics minority owner Jim Pallotta regarding the officiating in the series after losing game three at home.

How did that feel? I can foresee a hefty fine to be imposed any day now.

Anyway, as I have said, this series however exciting, as expected is also turning up to be among the most predictable.

I have said this before and I will say it again. This 2010 NBA Finals will be close and tight and each game will most probably be determined within the last minutes. Or give or take one or two games will be blowouts but still not to take away on the manner on which it was heavily fought and how close the game was, the final scores not withstanding.

My prediction at the start was seven games. Or at the very least, six games. And with the LA Lakers having a slight edge, especially having home court advantage this time around as opposed to their last meeting in 2008.

Now on a game to game prediction, I had Game 1 to LA. Check.

I had Game 2 a toss-up but slightly tilted to Boston. Check.

I reluctantly had Game 3 to the Lakers, because I was afraid of some home cooking from the referees, but I still had them up. Check.

And then I had Game 4 also a toss-up, slight edge on Boston. And viola, check again.

LA-Boston-LA-Boston, how much more exciting do we what it to be?

Yes, easily the most predictable series. But again not without all the drama.


Game 1, Lakers had some unfinished business with the Celtics two years ago especially after that humiliating loss at the 2008 Finals in front of that huge loud crowd in Boston. And now that it was reported all over the news that after that game, that the bus that the Lakers Team was riding on was assaulted (with a lack of a better term to describe it) by rowdy Celtic fans.

Yes, talk about rubbing it in their faces. Or shall I say rubbing salt to a fresh wound. Ouch!

So, up comes a better prepared, a better equipped, and now defending Champs and they take Game 1.

Game 2, I know the Celtics will not allow them to be down 2-0. And I anticipated a great game from them and I wasn’t disappointed. But I hate to admit it, I kind of expected the officiating to be slightly tilted towards the Celtics. And again, my apologies to Boston fans and to Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, I wasn’t disappointed. It was so predictable for the referees, it was pathetic.

As I have said before, they did not need to help a great team. Because any team who is able to reach and then win their Conference Finals deserves to be in the Finals. And any great team will not need the refs to help or bail them out. It would have a much closer, much tighter, much exciting game. But I still had the Celtics winning that. But no, not that way, I’m sorry to say that.

Game 3, I admit I was a little apprehensive. But the Celtics was not that good at home this year, and the Lakers were, let’s say they weren’t all that bad on the road. And so, with a little help from Derek Fisher, the Lakers won, as I had foreseen it.

Game 4, again I was a bit apprehensive, but I know the Celtics has a slight edge. Especially on how the Celtics Coach Doc Rivers talked to the media about the flops of Derek Fisher on Game 3 (well never mind that both teams had their fair share and if I was to count them all, the Celtics will still be up in that department) and of course after a Celtics owner had that little unsolicited “advice” to NBA Commissioner Stern. But yes again, as I have said time and time, this will be a close and tight series, meaning there will a lot of nip and tuck games and again the refs helped out the winning team, even if they didn’t need it.

Sour-graping or not, I will let you guys decide. And I am particularly interested within the last minutes of the games, say within the last five minutes of all the games. It will not be hard for anyone in this day and age to watch clips of the games. It is all over the internet and you can of course record it on your DVR.

Watch the last five minutes of each game and tell me what you think.

Lastly, regarding my predictions for the last three games of this series that as of this writing is yet to be played.

Game 5, at Boston, another toss-up and will depend on the officiating once again but I see an LA win, but very, very close again.

Game 6, at Staples, Celtics wins, another exciting game, and maybe another help from somewhere.

Game 7, at Staples, this is really up for grabs, especially now that Bynum is very questionable.

But as I had said early on, even before the start of the series, LA to win in seven. Or without any additional help for game six, Lakers to win in six games.

I know I could be wrong of course, and one bad turn, one bad injury, on suspension could throw everything in disarray, but so far I have been on the money. So far.

So what do you think?


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