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Kite Surfing Ningaloo Reef Australia

Updated on January 2, 2012

Kite Surf in Sandy Bay

Kite Surfing

Have you ever wanted to try Kite surfing ?

While at Sandy Bay at Ningaloo reef we watched a guy kite surfing , a sport you do on the water surface that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard .

It was fascinating to watch him almost fly across the water & even do some jumps !

We wanted to do some kayaking however as the wind was right for kite surfing it was to strong for us that day !

If you want to try kite surfing you can do a course which is a great opportunity to get into the sport of kitesurfing. Most students take approximately 6 – 8 hours to go from total beginner to basic board start. Obviously ongoing practise is needed to grow in ability, but this course is designed to develop the safety skills and confidence for independant kiteboarding.

Kite Surfing Ningaloo Reef

Learn to Kite Surf

Where to Kite Surf

For kite surfing you need a good location with consistent, steady side-onshore winds (10 to 35+ knots), large open bodies of water and good launch areas are suitable for kitesurfing. Most kitesurfing takes place along ocean shores, usually off beaches, but it can also be practiced on large lakes and inlets and occasionally on rivers. Since kiteboarding relies heavily on favorable, consistent wind conditions, certain locations tend to become popular and sought out by kiteboarders.

In Australia Sandy Bay is popular at Ningaloo Reef also down in Dongara Denison where the beautiful beaches and warm weather provide perfect conditions for all sorts of water sports, from swimming and relaxing on the beach to sailing and windsurfing.


Held in February each year, Dongara / Port Denison is the home of the WA Kite Surfing Association's annual "Kitstock" festival. Hundreds of local, intersate and international kitesurfers flock here for a three day weekend to take advantage of the quality local facilities and the mix of both flat water and waves.

'Geraldton has the reputation as one of the windiest spots on the West Australian coast. Strong sea breezes kick from November through to March making spots like Point Moore, Sunset Beach and St George's Beach popular.

Melville Beach suits beginner to expert kitesurfers with its large protected shallow bay and long narrow beach, while Pelican Point with its onshore winds attracts the more experienced kiters.

Kiters are encouraged to seek advice from local kiters and to follow established guidelines at each of the locations listed .

In Queensland you can get kite surfing lessons at places like Noosa on the Sunshine coast.

Book lessons with an expert

 Kitesurfing is an extremely high risk sport and it is most important to take lessons only from professionally qualified instructors, who is not only insured to teach you, but can give you the assurity that everything you need to learn is taught thoroughly and properly, and are able to give you qualifications that is reckonised world-wide.


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