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Lebron James A man without a ring

Updated on November 13, 2010

In 2003, Lebron James was a number one draft pick coming out of high school. Drafted by the Cavaliers, Lebron James would be the person that Cleveland would rely on to bring Cleveland their first ever NBA title in history. Everyone knew Lebron James, everyone knew his abilities and his talent to play the basketball game. He was impressive every game and he lead the Cavs back to their winning ways. The Cavaliers were building their team around Lebron James. Each year they would sign players that would be fit into the Cavs roster to help Lebron and the team. 

Then in 2007, Lebron James lead his team reach the NBA Finals for the very first time in Cavs history. They played against the Spurs. Spurs team that was lead by Tony Parker, TIm Duncan, Robert Horry and Manu Ginobili beaten the Lakers to reach the finals. The NBA Finals of 2007 would be a real test for Lebron James. He has been the main factor for the Cavs success for reaching the NBA Finals for the very first time. However, the Spurs were too much for the young Cavs. Spurs went on to become NBA champions for the fourth team in Spurs history. Even though Lebron James came up short into winning his first NBA championship ring, he would not stop until he has won one. 

The summer 2010, Lebron James was the most wanted free agent in the NBA. Teams like Knicks, Chicago and the Nets met up with Lebron James in order to lure the talented player in to their teams. Cleveland fans would be very disappointing to see their native Cleveland player leave Cleveland for another team. In there disbelief, the whole of Cleveland would take down the banner of Lebron James in the heart of the city, and every shot would and fans threw away any Lebron James jersey. To them it was worthless. In his decision, Lebron James would announce that he would play for the Miami Heat in the up coming season. 

As a free agent, Lebron James just signed with the Miami Heat. He would team up with Dwayne Wade and newly recruit Chris Bosh who just joined the Heat from the Toronto Raptors. The media and hall of fame players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson disagree in having three top players in one team. Everyone would question, how the three will cooperate with each other on the court. However, there would not be any problem because the fact that the three of them will play the game of basketball the way they should. Now that Lebron has teamed up with Wade and Bosh, Lebron can now get help and win his first NBA ring. That's his goal that is why he signed for Miami. 

The question now is, will Lebron James win his first NBA championship ring? It would be great to see Lebron James win his first NBA championship. Now that the East coast has a new enemy in town (in the West everyone hates Kobe Bryant), Lebron James will have to play every game as if it was an NBA final. All eyes on Lebron James this year because he has a new team and new teammates to help him. But will it be enough? 


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    • villanueva21 profile image

      John Villa 7 years ago from Greece

      Lebron is an awesome player. Im hoping he can do it this year and beat kobe and the lakers. Im a Suns fan but I love Lebron cause he got skills.

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 7 years ago from Michigan


      I hope Lebron can get a championship. Dwyane Wade is one of my favorites too. I'll be watching. Let's stay on top of this one!