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Looking For The Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight? Streamlight Protac Tactical LED Flashlight Reviews

Updated on August 26, 2015

Buying The Brightest Tactical Flashlight

Without doubt a flashlight is an indispensable thing in any household. Uses of it are uncountable.

And sometimes they are a life saver. What if! There is a complete blackout and you’re desperate for some light. Then, of course a flashlight always comes handy.

However, a tactical flashlight is surely better than a regular flashlight. Why? Because they do the jobs better which a regular flashlight does.

Whether there is a sudden breakdown of your car, or a complete blackout at neighborhood, they always come handy whatever the situation is.

Plus a tactical flashlight is, of course, the best companion for fishing, camping, hiking, and more outdoor activities.

When there are wide number of flashlights are available, but there are very few that are best in terms of power, portability, and durability.

Our extensive research finally led us to Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL 600 lumen flashlight.

Streamlight Protac HL is one of the brightest tactical flashlights available that throw a bright light beam that goes up to 245m (803 ft) with 600 lumens output, which is amazing for a flashlight that measures only 5.25 inch long.

Let’s check out the Streamlight Protac HL flashlight’s features in detail.

All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

3 Things You Want to Consider Before Buying a LED Tactical Flashlight

It won’t take me long to realize that the most important things to consider before buying a good, or the best tactical flashlight.

And they are:

  • Power
  • Portability
  • Durability

Power, Or The Light Ouput From A Tactical Flashlight Really Does Matter

The first thing you may want to consider when buying a tactical LED flashlight is the light output. For outdoor activities, in complete dark the light output is, of course, matters most.

And the Streamlight Protac HL is one of the brightest tactical LED flashlights with 600 lumens output, measures only 5.25 inch long. It comes with C4 LED technology. It’s a patented technology by Streamlight. They claim it is brighter than high intensity LED, and it really is.

LEDs are well known for their great features, and some of them are:

  • LED uses much less power than a regular bulb, result; the batteries last longer.
  • LED has an almost infinite life – between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.
  • Since there is no glass or filament, LED is virtually unbreakable.

That being said, the C4 technology is the combination of the great features of a LED with an increased brightness.

The result is amazing. A tactical flashlight that measures only 5.25 inch long with 2 CR123A batteries (included) it produces a shocking 600 lumens light output. The light is not a pinpoint of light, but a nice medium flood of very bright, clean, white light. That goes up to 125+ yards.

The Streamlight Protac HL, in total has three output modes. They are high, strobe, and low. And changing from one mode to another mode is very easy. It comes with a push button tail switch for one handed operation.

Though some of the powerful LED flashlights that produce very bright light are well known for their heat problem, in fact, they are very hard to hold in naked hand after ten plus minutes of continuous use in high mode. But the Streamlight Protac LED flashlight deals this heat problem very nicely. It designed in that way it deals this heat problem very nicely. Therefore they are great for continuous use too.

It, however, comes with another great technology. They call it LED solid state power regulation. Therefore, it always provides the same light till the battery last, like a regular flashlight the light won’t deem as the batteries goes down.

Portability- Is The Streamlight Protac LED Flashlight Is Easy To Carry Around?

Yes, they really are. Measured just 5.25 inch long, it comes with a nylon holster, and a removable pocket clip for easy carry around. The barrel diameter is just 1 inch. And with the batteries the overall weight of this brightest LED flashlight is just around 156g (5.5 oz).

So the Streamlight Protac is extremely easy to carry around. This tactical LED flashlight is great for personal use, is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, and must have for security and police officers.

Durability – Will It Last?

The Streamlight Protac is made of with durable anodized 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum. That is light in weight and very durable that can bear with the outdoor abuses. Without doubt, it will last years after years.

They are waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. And comes with O-ring sealed glass lens that keeps out the moisture.

Plus as it comes with an anti-roll face cap. That prevents the flashlight from rolling away when you set it down.

What’s Included?

  • Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL 600 lumen flashlight
  • 2 CR123A batteries
  • A removable pocket clip
  • A nylon holster

Does It Include A Warranty?

Yes, the Streamlight protac HL includes a limited lifetime warranty.

What Others Are Saying? The Brightest Tactical Flashlight Reviews

I am overwhelmed with the reviews this Streamlight Protac HL LED flashlight has received on Amazon. From almost 321 reviews it receives an average 5 out 5, awesome.

Here are some of the comments to date:

"Great light at a ground breaking price."

"Not joking i bought 4 for family they love it i will be getting another for myself this light is so bright!! I love everything about it."

"This light is the best flashlight I have ever owned hands down. Great for camping and around the the house, but mostly used at work. I work in a production plant similar to an oil refinery, light was superb for this."

"Easy to carry and effective. AND I can carry it anywhere, even on aircraft (not restricted). When I'm not armed I carry this little gem and find I use it a lot more than I thought I would. Well made and works exactly as advertised."

Where Can You Buy The Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL 600 Lumen Flashlight?

At the moment Amazon includes free shipping and from what I can tell when comparing other online merchants, Amazon do currently has the best deal, especially with the free shipping option.

Click below to check out more details, more reviews, and more technical details about this brightest LED tactical flashlight on Amazon.

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