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Mauro Icardi to Become Messi's Substitute in World Cup Soccer 2014

Updated on March 7, 2014

Mauro Icardi has been selected to the Argentinian Soccer team for World Cup 2014 and if reports are true, then Icardi will be considered as the main substitute for Lionel Messi. Icardi will be on bench until Messi face some kind of injuries or other problems that prevent him from playing. Icardi has been in the spotlight for some time and this 21 year old player is considered as one of the most talented footballers from Argentina.

Argentina was tied in a goal less draw against Romania last day and they almost went back dejected. But suddenly Icardi was taken into the team and at the same time he also cemented his pace in the Argentinian World Cup Squad for 2014 which will be held in Brazil from 13th June. The talented Mauro Icardi made his debut for Argentina under-20 team in August 2012 and that was a match against Germany. Following his brilliant performances in the professional football, he played his debut match for Argentina's senior team in October 2013 and this time the match was a world cup qualifier against Uruguay.

Icardi has showcased his amazing soccer skills and talents ever since he was a child as 5 years of age and he always created sensation to his coaches with his amazing skills. He was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain at the age of 6 with his family. Like Messi, Icardi alse ended up reaching the doors of Barcelona's football nursery and started playing for Barcelona's junior team till he moved to Sampdoria on loan in January 2011 and was later brought by Sampdoria for an amount of 400,000 Euros for a period of three year contract.

His brilliant performance with Sampdoria prompted the Italian National soccer team coach to invite him to play for Italy, but Icardi simply rejected the offer and stated that he preferred the jersey of Argentina. This was really a great move and decision by Icardi and the recent event have quite proved him right. Icardi posses a cool and level headed personality which is quite evident from his maturity beyond his age. Unlike other young soccer players, success and fame has not got over Icardi's head and he has never allowed such things to happen. His immense maturity is also reflected on the ground and the solid proof of his maturity is the cool way and authority with which he plays on the ground.

Playing soccer for Argentina's national team was one of his long time dreams and for this he has sacrificed a lot of huge offers. His dream has come true in style and that too as a potential substitute for Messi in the soccer world cup 2014. Even if he continues to sit on the bench during the 2014 world cup, it will be a great experience for him as he can watch Messi and other players in action against the best football teams in the world cup. It will indeed be a great learning experience that will become handy for him in his future career.

On the other hand Messi is as best as ever and hope to come out with a stellar performance in the 2014 world cup. To say the truth, Messi do not have a memorable world cup and all his world cup performances are below average when compared with his actual performances. Messi will be desperate enough to prove the world that his best performances do not come when playing for his club, rather he also has a point to prove that he can play at his best even for his national team in the world cup. So it will be a litmus test for Messi and he cannot afford to stay out of the team due to injury and other problems. This is an area that Icardi needs to be cautious and he has to wait patiently until he gets an opportunity to hit the filed during any of the world cup matches in 2014.

Whether he plays or not in the 2014 World Cup, most of the football pundits have started hailing him as the next successor to Messi and his extra ordinary game play, talent and skills have added more value to the argument that he is one of the best things for Argentina soccer team after Messi. Icardi’s amazing maturity suggests that he will be the player to watch out in the coming years and if he holds his maturity and patience, he will defenitely be enjoying a great future with the Argentinean football team.

But it is too early to predict that Icardi will become the best ever soccer player for Argentina, rather we have to patiently wait and watch the way his career progresses in the coming years. If he keep his maturity and does not allow success to go over his head, then we can really see some of the best performances by Icardi in the major soccer tournaments. So till then, we should keep watching and enjoying the beautiful soccer skills of Icardi to the best.

Watch some of the amazing soccer skills of Mauro Icardi


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    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 4 years ago from India

      You are right Raymond. I also have the same feeling.

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 4 years ago from The Netherlands

      I think Argentinia has a lot of strong players to make it difficult for other teams to win this year.