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Mayweather vs. Ortiz: One More Nail On Boxing's Coffin?

Updated on October 5, 2011

Boxing, as least it’s early form used to be known as the Gentleman's Sport. But I supposed the last 100 years we have seen enough of boxing and how it evolved to know that is isn't.

Take for example, the recent and much hyped Mayweather vs Ortiz boxing matchup --

on the line was the WBC Welterweight Title of Victor Ortiz. And even though Victor is the defending champion, it is his opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is highly favored to win this matchup and is assured of a purse over ten times that of the reigning WBC Welterweight Champion he is challenging.

During the fight official weigh-in, all hell breaks loose and any semblance of sportsmanship, respect or dignity were no thrown out (see photo to the right).

The actual fight was more of the same shameful form.

During the actual match, the champ (Ortiz) head-butted his opponent (Mayweather), who then retaliated with a sucker punch, okay a cheap shot which is borderline legal depending who you ask.

But then add an absent-minded and an overly apologetic champion who was supposedly defending his title and an equally absent-minded referee who wasn't all together there especially at a crucial moment in the match which is supposed to be a World Title Fight.

The disgraceful cheap shot flush to the chin was followed by another solid right hand and down goes the champ and he was counted out.

Don’t get me wrong the head-butt was appalling as well, but the referee saw that and was deducting a point to the score when the unfortunate sucker punch was thrown. Well, I guess anybody else would do just about anything to gain an advantage --even if there is actually no real need for it -- Mayweather was frustrating the champ and was leading the score cards when the head-butt was thrown by the champ.

Now the next bizarre thing to happen was that the referee called the punches legal even though he didn't actually see the punches being thrown (or at least the initial cheap shot).

At that precise moment, referee Cortez was momentarily turned away from the fighters and he was in fact looking and communicating with the timekeeper. He failed to instruct the fighters to move to neutral corners to give them ample separation and to give the appropriate time in or the restart to engage, which at that point in time was debatable.

It's a good thing that, he has told both fighters at the start of the match these five little words which should always be in the general consciousness of anybody, especially prized fighters…

"Protect yourself at all times"

And also these words,

"Let us have a clean fight, touch gloves."

What we saw instead was frustration and illegal head-butting on the part of the champ and an opportunity for the more skilled and more experienced challenger to sneak in a sucker punch while the champ had his hands down and wanting to touch gloves again as in to apologize for his unsportsmanship conduct.

The result?

Well as it turned out we had a referee who didn't know what happened, a champ who was looking for the ref to save his sorry behind, a stunned crowd who paid top money, pay-for-view fans who were robbed, a KO and a win by the challenger and another unsportsmanship act in his post game interview (watch it yourself on the video below).

More importantly the most unfortunate thing about all this was Floyd Mayweather's unwillingness to answer legitimate questions, including the question that is on every boxing fan’s mind -- will there be a Mayweather - Pacquiao Fight anytime soon, or at least anytime in our lifetime?

I mean, what else could have possibly gone wrong for this fight and for boxing as a whole. Time will tell though if this shenanigan will turn boxing fans back to the sport or totally drive them away.

Gentleman's Sport?

You've got to be kidding me. At least in the MMA, fighters touch gloves as often as they engage.

Ron Artest, had the right idea -- Metta World Peace anyone?

Check it out yourself...

Fair Punch or Cheap Shot?

TMZ: Mayweather vs Ortiz


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