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Michael Jordan Responds To The Pippen Blog Saying He's Better!!!

Updated on March 12, 2012

WTF? Honestly dog, WTF?

What haven't I accomplished in the game of basketball?

I feel my ultimate goal of finishing this point is near accomplishment.

Scottie did everything he could to help me be the best Michael Jordan I could be.

His contributions will always be appreciated in my mind.

He had some good games here and there during our time together, I'll give him that.

He was a very nice boy.

Used forks and knives when he ate.

His mom gave me a copy of Super Password for Christmas, my kids had some fun with that for a while.

He bought a car once. Personally I would bought a different one but that's Scottie you know, he's...that kind of individual.

Speaking frankly now, Scottie didn't understand how hard it was to get all the credit and all the money all the time, and it was important for me to let him know that TV stars cannot win Emmys if their writers are just going to provide them shoddiness.

But what always irked me about Scottie though, during our time together, was that after I would try to mentally destroy our teammates, he would bring them back up?! Encourage them? Even HELP them? Is he trying to get me mad here or what?

Look the facts speak for themselves. I was first, so I got to have the endorsements. All the endorsements and hype and fame led me to always being the one who was called on to have the most possessions and take the last shot. Now the fact that I missed a buttload of last second shots doesn't mean jack because I'm also the one who ended up in said Nike commercials from MAKING some of those shots.

Had Scottie been princely groomed like I was, he would have understood the image game. He expects half the people out there to be like the Englewood cats or the Westside cats that KNOW basketball and understand Scottie Pippen. They're not.

P.S. I drafted Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison.


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    • profile image

      Tj 6 years ago

      Your a dumbass! You have no idea what you are talking about. So go f your mom or something