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Mike Singletary NFL Giant

Updated on July 25, 2009

Mike Singletary was born in Houston, Texas, in 1958 on October 9. He was formally a linebacker in the NFL, spending his entire professional career with the Chicago Bears. Singletary also played for the Bears on college, the Baylor University Bears. The Pro Football Hall of Fame inducted Mike Singletary in 1998.

Since he was an ordained minister, Singletary was sometimes called "The Minister of Defense", a title that was later assigned to Reggie White for the same reason. The nickname that stuck, however, was "Samurai Mike", recognizing the intensity and focus that Mike Singletary always brought onto the field.

In college, Mike Singletary became the only junior player to ever be chosen for the All-Southwest Conference Team in the 1970s. While at Baylor University, Singletary received All-American honors during both his junior and senior terms, averaging fifteen tackles at each game. Mike Singletary established a record for the team in 1978 with more than 230 tackles, thirty-four of which were in a single game versus the University of Houston. The season of his senior year, Mike Singletary helped Baylor University in winning ten games, which was the only occurrence of such in the entire history of the school.

Mike Singletary won the Davey O'Brien Memorial Trophy for being the most outstanding player in the Southwest Conference two times. Singletary is the only player to accomplish such a feat. He is the last player to receive the award, which has since been changed and is now the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award.

During his 12-year professional career, Mike Singletary weighed in a whopping 230lbs and stood at a height of 6 feet. He started for the Chicago Bears in the seventh game he played in the NFL. In his third game as a starter, he presented a remarkable defense completing ten tackles and causing a fumble. Singletary continued forth to start more than 170 games for the Chicago Bears, the second most in history.

In each of his remaining eleven seasons, Singletary finished as either the second or the first leading tackler for the Bears. Mike Singletary amassed amazingly close to 1,500 tackles in his career; close to 900 of these were efforts he made on his own. In addition, Singletary also gained 7 interceptions and recovered 12 fumbles. A consistent defensive force, Singletary only missed two games, both of which were in 1986.

A group of alumni from Baylor University endorsed Mike Singletary, through ESPN in 2002, for the coaching position that was open at the school. They held a conference call with Dave McGinnis, Mike Ditka and the university administration. Unfortunately, the university claimed they wanted someone with more experience as a head coach and hired Guy Morriss instead.

Mike Singletary began coaching the linebackers for the Baltimore Ravens on 2003. Singletary left after the season in 2004 to become the assistant head coach as well as linebacker coach for the San Francisco 49ers, where he remains today.

Mike Singletary is a motivational speaker. Singletary has also written three books titled Calling the Shots, Daddy's home at Last and Singletary One on One. He and his wife, Kim are the parents to seven beautiful children.

Mike Singletary Press Conference

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