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Mountain Biking Tips And Mountain Bike Racing

Updated on October 22, 2011

Mountain biking is a sport consisting of riding bicycles off-road, using specially modified mountain bikes. This sport is growing rapidly and often thrown into the extreme sport category. Mountain bikes are similar to other bikes but they have certain advanced features which the simple bikes don’t have.

This sport requires patience, strength and balance and bike handling skills. Advanced riders most likely prefer steep technical decent and dirt jumps and ramps. Mountain biking can be performed anywhere from a backyard to a great road. Trail riding is one of the aspects of biking which is very similar to simple biking.

Being far away from civilizations bikers know how to maintain their bikes and to survive their skills. Mountain biking is often adopted by crazy young people. And it’s the truth that people of almost all ages, that have the ability to partake, from children to grown men and even women take part in this sport actively.

The Game’s Name Is Fun

It means that the first and the foremost rule or mountain biking racing is just to have fun. In other competitions we want to win but here the case is different. People who adopt this sport are adventurous and do it just for thrill of riding and exciting terrain.

To make the race easier it’s divided into many levels and you are given competitor of your level and skills. The categories or levels are made according to the ages, experiences, weight and skills. Only men and women races are also held separately. If you sign up an individual you have to look upon for in which level to put that person.

Beginners Mountains Biking

If you are a beginner and are just about to start it’s a good idea to start from the lowest possible level. This will make you habitual and decrease the chance of getting injured. With a small start you can move up higher and higher.

It’s commonly said that don’t take the race which is easy for you because you will not like to be left in the dust of other riders.

It’s obvious that a mountain biker’s physical condition should be very good as mountain biking can be a demanding affair. You must have plenty of practice before having a race down the hills and different terrains.

Maintain Your Bike Carefully

Whenever you move on to a mountain biking race it’s obvious that you should maintain and check your bike before leaving. Because it could be very dangerous to break down in the middle of the race it can make you badly injured. You should always tune your bike; check the tire’s pressure and the breaks. And it’s much better to take a ride before leaving for the race so that you nay know any trouble which your bike is having.

The components of the bike are also very much considerable. A full suspension can really help you instead of a heavy bike which can become a cause of your falling down and leave the race. A light weight bike is the best choice.

Make it a habit to carry the emergency repair kit for you can repair your bicycle whenever and wherever you need it.

Mountain Bike Racing’s Types

There are certain types for the racing in mountain bikes:

  • Cross-country
  • Downhill
  • Downhill slalom
  • Hill climb

Cross Country

This is the most common type of mountain bike racing. It is performed in a pre-constructed track among common riders.

To maintain the number of few riders at a time the large number of riders is divided into several levels.

This is a fast and rough race containing obstacles and rough surface.


This is a straight down-hill race in this race the riders go down on the straight hill and the one taking the shortest possible period of time wins. There will be obstacles on the way some of them may be natural some of them will be man-made but the major thing is to have a clear view ahead.

Downhill Slalom

It is very similar to downhill race but this race does not have obstacles but gates like slalom skiing. Any of the gates must not be touched or missed by the rider to win the race.

Hill Climb

It is also a race with time limits. In this race riders have to go up the hill in the shortest possible time.

Some Important Tips To Be Followed

  • You must have a plenty of practice.
  • You must know that this is a dangerous sport.
  • You must always carry a bottle with you and drink water before starting the race.
  • Do not waste all your energy in the start.
  • You must be aware of the course.

If you have covered all the steps then you can go out for the race and have fun!

Beginner's Mountain Biking Tips


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    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 5 years ago from Western NC

      Fun hub. I love mountain biking. In fact, I'm going to link to this to an upcoming hub of mine. Thanks. :)

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      cgbastos 6 years ago