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Camping And Hiking

Updated on October 22, 2011

One of the best ways to relax oneself and get a change from the monotonous and supremely mental tasks is to go on a physical detour filled with fun and adventure.

Camping and Hiking is an example of such a journey. It is one of the best ways to synchronize oneself with nature and get one’s brain storming about the wonderful nature and environment.

This is because camping and hiking are not just limited to one setup. Rather, one can choose to go for the mountainous areas, woods and forests or just a classical journey down the river on a canoe.

There are many hiking and camping places around the world. If you are planning a long vacation then hiking is a must try out.

Nonetheless you can still visit your nearest National Park to enjoy a camping and hiking trip. Because spending some time with natural stuff really releases all the day to day tension in our lives.

Preparing For The Excursion

Camping and hiking is a demanding little adventure. One must make sure that before one sets out for the adventure they are prepared for it.

One must carry with them all the requirements and pre-requisites so as to keep oneself secure, satisfied and have a good time.

It is not just important to carry all the necessary equipment, but also one should be in good enough health as some excursions can be demanding.

Some of the important items that one must have are boots, tent house and a back pack. The very essential equipment out of these three are the boots.

Hiking Boots
Hiking Boots

Proper Hiking Boots

Without durable and comfortable boots, the camping and hiking trip is practically a bother rather than a fun filled excursion. And apart from this, the boots also need adjustment regarding their weight. If one intends to travel a predefined path and hike in the day time then lightweight boots should be preferred.

On the other hand, if the trip is intended for a back country them medium weight should be worn. Lastly, if the trip is meant to be very rugged and demanding then one needs to get their hands on heavy weight long boots.

How To Buy Proper Hiking Boots

Proper Bagpacks

The second equipment one must have are backpacks.

Backpacks need to be suitable for the trip.

If the trip is a small one and doesn’t require a lot of equipment than an external backpack might suffice as it is very convenient.

However, longer trips would require an internal backpack as it is these that are comfortable to carry around in the longer run.

The Video below will guide you on how to pack you bag properly. Its is really essential to know this.

Packing A Backpack for Hiking & Camping

Dome Tents
Dome Tents

Camping Tents

The next Item that is a must is a tent. These come in all sizes and dimensions. They vary in decorations and other styles as well. However, the first thing that a hiker and camper need to see is neither the designing nor the style but the ‘size’ of the tent.

The size suitable for a person depends on the number of people that intend to use it. The basic tent should include a tarp as well, so that rain does not interfere with your trip.

Also, one is advised to not bank on a limited supply of support poles but bring along spares as well as it is these support poles that basically hold the tent in its place.

Further, another thing that one should possess in the tent is the plastic spread that would form the floor of your tent house. By this ‘flooring’, one would, to an extent, be shielded from the naked ground.

How To Choose A Camping Tent

Tips On Camping And Hiking

Some basic recommendations for hikers and campers include remembering to pack back and pack open when required. Also, use of fires should be checked and should be cautious. This is because fire poses environmental pollution and leaves dark scars on the ground it is lit.

So one should not light fires unnecessarily. When and if there is a need, fires should be lit only on the fire circles. Another thing that a camper needs to be careful is of the use of water. In their excursions of hiking and camping, individuals quite often stumble upon sources of water.

It is to be noted that even though these sources may look absolutely fresh, they should never be used for the purpose of washing oneself or the food.

The reason is that many a time undetected chemicals and bacterium can pose hazardous and harmful reactions in the food or on the person’s skin. In case a person drinks the bacteria, they can also cause stomach problems.

Next, a person should always keep the noise level down if one is on a hike or camp which involves a host of people. Enjoying at the expense of other people’s disturbance is never a good option. Finally, campers and hikers should prefer to stick to the trails provided.

A stray camper is prone to harm from poisonous vegetation and in some cases, wild animals as well.

The Right Camping & Hiking Foods


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    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for reading!

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      H P Roychoudhury 

      8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is good to know Camping And Hiking.


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