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Updated on May 17, 2011

Basics class

  Basics...very important in anything you are attempting to do.  Whether it is building a house or learning to walk.  If you don't plant your feet correctly, you are not going to take a step, you will fall.  With that in mind, it is also very important that you are a reliable person to train with.  It is difficult to understand this if you don't train.  This is not your eveyrday dojo, you will feel pain, you will be sore and you will learn at least one thing every class. We focus only on positive, foward attitudes that map a way to success  that  you will become efficient at this art if you stick  with it.  We start out class fcusing our energy and getting in sync with each other. This is very important.  You must learn to trust  your fellow dojo brothers and sisters and trust your Sensei, in this case Craig. We begin class with ukemi. These are basic ways of rolling. Learning this is important for many reasons, such as escaping, countering and to protect our  bodies. Stances- ichimonji no kamae, shoshin no kamae, jumonji no kamae, doko no kamae, hicho no kamae, hira no kamae, and hoko no kamae.
 One of the things we worked tonight was stances, then Sensei  Craig showed us how to execute the technique with one of the stances.  Tonight we worked on proper positioning with punches and kicks, worked on deep stances to muscle up our legs and we even had an obstacle course. Like they used to train in Japan many years ago.  Sensei prefers training his students outside when he can.  We are a very unique school in that we are not your typical run of the mill one hour class.  We have a nice two hours, sometimes two and 1/2 hours class.  We take a break half way through, we bond and learn from each other.  This is like nothing you have ever trained and believe me when I tell you, Sensei Craig cares about his students and their progression.  It
 is a reflection on him and he wants to turn out good
 students. This is more like a family where you feel like you belong.


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