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My Review of RoxyLean! The "Strongest Fat Burner on the Planet"?

Updated on February 19, 2013

Only 1 pill a day!

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Is it truly the most powerful fat burner in the world? decide!

I must first say that I am typically against putting anything UN-natural into my system. While others may swear by their favorite "fat Burner" or "diet miracle pill", I try to steer towards getting natural energy boosts from the foods that I eat. That being said, after a referral from a gym friend, I decided it RoxyLean was worth checking out. Maybe it was the statement on the bottle that said "professional grade" or maybe it was the very nice salesperson at GNC, but something compelled me to try it. Here are my thoughts....

1. The GOOD -

  • The price. Comparatively it is a much better deal than other products on the market that are double the price. You only take 1 pill a day where others call for up to 6.
  • No cravings! When I have tried other "burners" before, they seem to make me want to eat all day long. I didn't notice this with RoxyLean.
  • The effect. This pill REALLY did give me an energy boost. It was maybe 5 minutes into my first workout and I felt the rush of energy. I ended up staying on the elliptical for an extra 20 minutes! I didn't want my workout to be over and truly felt great!

2. The BAD -

  • The stomach ache! This was the only downside that I saw to the Roxy Lean. Maybe 3 minutes after taking the pill I began having major stomach cramps and felt a warm-tingling sensation in my cheeks. The tingling wasn't bad but the cramping was unbearable! I went to GNC to see if I was dying. He assured me that I was not dying but that I was having a natural reaction to the Niacin in the Roxy Lean. Roxy Lean contains 150% of your daily allowance of Niacin so it was just a lot at once. He suggested that I take it on an empty stomach and then have a piece of toast. It did help to add the toast but not enough to make the cramping stop altogether. Judging from the online reviews, others have had these sensations too but I usually react worse than others to medications and pills so I expect my reaction to be worse.
  • Caffeine- It does contain the amount of caffeine as there is in 3 cups of coffee...but doesn't every diet pill or burner that works? Caffeine doesn't bother me so it wasn't a problem!

So, Would I recommend Roxy Lean to others, YES. It is the best "burner" that I have ever taken. It promised an energy boost and endurance during my workout and I certainly got it! I would certainly advise that you know going into it that you may have some side effects but that is true of every diet pill.

Does it work? I can't answer that one. I couldn't get past the cramping. I do think that if I had continued to take it I would have seen enhanced results! The workouts that I had after taking them were intense and longer than my normal ones. I felt the boost right away and it isn't normal for me to "Feel" the effect of these types of products so I vote yes, it works.

My best tips and advice if you want to try RoxyLean:

  1. Check out your local GNC or health and wellness store. They often will have free trial packages of best sellers for you to tryout.
  2. Purchase from a company who offers a product guarantee...just in case.
  3. Take on an empty stomach and have a piece of toast about 2 minutes after taking the medicine.
  4. DON'T TAKE IT JUST TO HANG OUT AT HOME! The energy boost is truly there and it is a bit overwhelming. It is best to take it about 10 minutes before your workout. That way, if there are reactions you will be mid workout and not notice it as much and you will feel it kick in when you really need it to!

Have you ever tried a "Fat Burner" pill that worked for you?

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    • profile image

      Angelina 3 years ago

      I took my first RoxyLean this morning. I was searching for possible side effects, on account of my face becoming slightly swollen, red, and feeling like it was on fire. I was tempted to take Benedryl to kick the effect. But I decided to see how it would play out, and it went away in about an hour. I think you're absolutely right about what seems like a short spurt of OD on niacin. I've had great energy since I took it 5.5 hours ago. I'm going to continue for a few more days, and see if the side effects subside. If I can get results like Joan and Mica, I will put up with an hour of having a burning swollen face once a day ;)

    • profile image

      mica 3 years ago

      I've been taking roxylean for a little over a month and I've lost 12 lbs already(:

    • profile image

      Joan 3 years ago

      I have been taking it for a week. The first day was like I was plugged into a light socket! Burst of energy . It's better to take on empty stomach but then eat a low cal breakfast and then workout or walk or get busy! That's what it's for to burst your metabolism. I've been walking 3 times a day and have lost 4 pounds. Happy! Will continue. It really has not curved appetite but then I eat healthy. I am 48 and just needed a push to get going again.

    • profile image

      Sharon 4 years ago

      I took Roxy Lean today and within 10 minutes my body started to itch and burn. I had the chills but my skin was on fire. I turned red like I had a horrible sunburn. My limbs began to swell. My skin hurt and was tingling very badly and painfully to touch. I was shivering uncontrollable. Horrible pills! Never taking them again!