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NFL Picks. Week 14, 2015.

Updated on December 9, 2015


Split last week... Uuuuuuhgly.

Vikings vs. Cardinals- Cardinals.

The Vikings got absolutely demolished by Seattle last week, and we finally saw what separates the contenders from the pretenders in the NFC.
Unfortunately for Minnesota, they run into the Cardinals immediately after the Seahawks.
I'm not big on Norse mythology, but do they have a problem with birds?

Bills vs. Eagles- Bills.

In case you haven't noticed, I've pretty much closed the book on the Eagles.
Sure, they upset the Pats last week.
But... You're talking about a really banged up, watered down version of the Pats.
Pats fans shouldn't feel too bad about, Eagles fans...
Well, they should just be happy they didn't give up 45 points again.
The Bills are healthy enough to win easily.

Seahawks vs. Ravens- Seahawks.


Ohhhh, oh man.
Oh dude, that was great.
Needed that for sure, thanks for the laugh.

49ers vs. Browns- 49ers.

That's a weird pick.
And not one I'm really thrilled with...
But they've pulled the plug in Cleveland, and Blaine Gabbert...
He's actually...
Well, with teams this bad...

Falcons vs. Panthers- Panthers.

At some point, do we start talking about the Panthers going undefeated?
That makes my head hurt, because that probably means that Scam wins MVP rather undeservedly.
The Falcons are really, really, really, really bad.
That's all, folks.

Redskins vs. Bears- Redskins.

This is going to be a really hard game to watch.
Not quite as hard as last monday night was, but still... pretty hard to watch.
I'm taking the Redskins because the Bears are just too inconsistent to pick.

Steelers vs. Bengals- Bengals.

This could be a trap game for the Bengals. I could really see it.
However, I think they still get the job done.
That Steelers secondary is...
Not good.

Lions vs. Rams- Lions.

The Rams ran out of gas.
They don't have an answer at quarterback, teams are focused on shutting down Gurley, and and the defense just isn't getting it done.
Fluke Hail Mary's aside, the Lions have been on a roll like butter lately.
I'll give them two thumbs up for an easy December win.

Colts vs. Jaguars- Jaguars.

What an ugly game.
For the love of Bob, I hate this.
Whatever, coin flip?
Flipping Flipping Flipping.
Jags it is.

Chargers vs. Chiefs- Chiefs.

Kansas City is red hot, the Chargers are red not.
San Diego had a shot last week. They really could've made a difference, redeemed their season, and made my picks look good.
They did not.
KC wins.

Saints vs. Buccaneers- Buccaneers.

I'm just gonna keep taking the Bucs because they keep on winning...
Really all there is to it.

Titans vs. Jets- Jets.

The Titans are a mess.
Sure, they won last week, but man... they really shouldn't have.
Then again, in the NFL, it's not about being good, it's about being lucky.

Raiders vs. Broncos- Broncos.


Cowboys vs. Packers- Packers.

If both teams were perfectly healthy, this game would be amazing.
Instead, we get the hollow shells of two teams that might have been playoff contenders when the season started.
Instead, they're both beat up and the Packers run wild like ****amania.

Patriots vs. Texans- Texans.

I feel so bad for Brady.
He's been breaking his back trying to keep this team in the first seed spot, but ultimately, without Gronk or Edelman or a decent offensive line...
There's not much he can do, and we saw that last week against the Eagles.
This is a weird pick, but...
If Philly can do it...

Giants vs. Dolphins- Giants.

The Dolphins are just crap.
Steaming crap.
And while Eli loves himself a turnover, he's not quite as bad as Matt LOL Schaub.

Fleegle's Picks: Best In The World Challenge.

I guess the only saving grace to last week was I only lost one game.....but I'm 6 behind with 4 weeks to go. Pressure is on....

Minnesota @ Arizona: Vikings got smoked, SMOKED, by Seattle last week, at home, and now AP is unhappy, AND they get to travel TO Arizona, on a short week? Cardinals win this one, and I don't think it will be relatively close.

Buffalo @ Philadelphia: A pair of teams coming off wins last week that I didn't expect either one of them to get. I think Buffalo is the better team, and I think they win this one. I still don't trust that Eagles offense enough in this game (they only put up 14 of the teams 35 points against the Patriots, after all).

San Francisco @ Cleveland: My god. This game is going to be so terrible it's sad. Gabbert vs. Manziel? Oye. And what's even worse is I'm picking the 49ers to win this one, because Cleveland is a complete dysfunctional mess.

Detroit @ St. Louis: The poor poor Lions, man. They are one of only a handful of franchises who could lose that way. But, I think they rebound this week, because the Rams are just a mess, man. Lions win.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: Those Saints, man. Brees almost got them by Cam and the Panthers. If not for their historically bad defense....anyway, they get to go to Tampa this week, and those Bucs, still streaky, but coming off a win against Atlanta......I think Brees takes advantage of that 23rd ranked Bucs defense, and the Saints get a big road win.

Tennessee @ New York Jets: I don't care how many yards Mariota had last week, he did it against the Jags. Jets win this one.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati: This is a really tough game to call. Ben is healthy now and has all his big pieces (save for Bell, but DeAngelo has been playing great), but that Cincy team has been pretty good all year. Tough pick here, but I think the Bengals are ready, and they'll win this game over the Steelers.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: Another ho hum game this week. I can't even believe I've picked the Jags to win this many games this year, but hell, I've got them again this week. Jacksonville wins over the Colts.

San Diego @ Kansas City: Chiefs are the hottest AFC team right now, and they keep it rolling this week against an awful Chargers team. Chiefs win.

Washington @ Chicago: You just never know what your going to get from Washington every week......although, same can be said for Chicago! I think Da Bears throw Washington another wrinkle into the NFC East this week, and Da Bears win at home.

Atlanta @ Carolina: Falcons have completely fallen apart. I could see them keeping this game close, but the Panthers are too much of a complete team right now. Panthers win (and no, Cam is NOT the league MVP. Just stop it.)

Seattle @ Baltimore: I'm cringing just thinking about how bad my Ravens are going to get shredded on Sunday. Seahawks win, big.

Oakland @ Denver: Denver looks like a different team WITHOUT Peyton. And Oakland is just kind of collapsing in front of us, sadly. Broncos win this week.

Dallas @ Green Bay: Packers are home, and they got lucky as you know what to win that game last week. Down 20-0 and got the Hail Mary for the win. Ridiculous. And Dallas, yes I know they won last week, but they're still a hot mess. Packers win.

New England @ Houston: Tom Brady is the league MVP. I hate to say it, but, he is. Look at what he's doing for that team, with what he has to work with every week, and how is he not? And Houston, they seem to be in control of the AFC South now, but they saw their win streak end in Buffalo last week. As for this game? A tough pick. Pats aren't 100%, and you get the feeling Watt is going to go off in primetime......I can't do it. I can't pick against them.....yes I can. Texans, yes, TEXANS win the battle at home.

New York Giants @ Miami: Ah yes, another amazing Monday Night Giants have to win. HAVE to win. And they will. Giants get the W.

Now or never for my picks.....but this week is a turning of the corner. I feel it! ITS A NEW DAY, YES IT IS!

@McFleegle (22-28) vs @Brodhisattva (28-22)

I won the 5 game split last week!
Sadly, we only disagree twice this week... and neither game will be pretty.

I picked the Bucs and he picked the Saints.
I picked the Redskins while he picked the Bears.


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