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NFL Picks. Week 2, 2013

Updated on September 11, 2013


Say word, son.

New York (Jets) at New England- New England

Come on.
I know the Patriots aren't as good as they were say, last season, but I have a really hard time imagining this dreadful Jets team getting a win in foxborough. The more film of Geno Smith, the more I wonder when Mark Sanchez will be healthy enough to start again.
Bad footwork, shaking throws, terrible decision making, I hate it all.

Brady will have to get inventive, maybe give ol' Troy Brown a call, and see if he wants to catch some passes, but the Pats will still win big.

St. Louis at Atlanta- Atlanta.

St. Louis just isn't there yet. I thought they were a little closer to a contender than this, but they didn't look all that great last week versus the Cardinals.
Steven Jackson will play his old team in only his second game in a red jersey, and something tells me he wants to provide more spark for the offense than he did last week.
I think the Falcons outscore St. Louis easily.

Cleveland at Baltimore- Baltimore.

Cleveland always plays the Ravens tough.
It's always a low scoring, defensive struggle.
And if it wasn't the Ravens home opener, after they just got spanked by Denver, I might pick Cleveland.
But the Ravens are angry, and their army of fans will be there in large numbers with larger expectations.
Plus, I really don't like Brandon Weeden.

Carolina at Buffalo- Carolina.

Buffalo and rookie QB EJ Manuel didn't look terrible last week.
In fact in a game that I thought would be a blowout, they were competitive until the very end.
But that Panthers defense looks like it's going to be really good. It already has easily the best front 7 in the NFL... If that secondary can keep up, this might be a team to watch.

Minnesota at Chicago- Chicago.

One 80 yard rush.
88 total yards?
What a crummy day for AP.
Can we say goodbye to the 2,500 yard thing already? I'm pretty sure he's on pace to miss that by about 1,100 yards.
Look, they need to get AP the ball more, Christian Ponder isn't going to beat anybody.
However, the Bears might.
They looked like a team that has a lot of potential and just needs to develop an identity.
We'll see how they play moving forward.

Washington at Green Bay- Green Bay.

There's one thing that the Packers defense did very well last week.
They shut down the option.
It seemed like every time that Kaepernick lined up in the pistol, Clay Matthews was right there.
If the Packers expect to win, they'll need to reproduce that this week... Except... Maybe...
Cover somebody.
I dunno.
And as for offense, Aaron Rodgers will be Aaron Rodgers, and that Redskins secondary is uuuugh-gly.

Tennessee at Houston- Houston.

Tennessee looked tough last week. As I said, both teams were a mystery.
But Houston showed signs of explosiveness in their sick comeback on Monday night, and I think that a prolific offense wins every time over a tough one.

Miami at Indianapolis- Indianapolis.

I don't trust Ryan Tannehill, and the Colts need to bounce back from a close win over the Raiders.

Dallas at Kansas City- Kansas City.

Going out on a limb this game.
I didn't think the Cowboys offense looked cohesive and the defense benefited from extremely poor play by the Giants. That's why you need a pre-season!

At arrowhead, with an extremely balanced team...
I don't know why, I just know I'm picking KC to win and win late.

San Diego at Philadelphia- Philadelphia.

These two teams almost had identical monday nights.
Both teams, with old turnover-friendly QBs, and brand new coaches went into half-time with a huge lead... Only to watch the other team storm back.

Difference is- The Eagles made plays when it counted.
And I think that will be the difference again.

Chip Kelly's exhilarating offense has an expiration date.
That's all there is to it.
Eventually, people will figure out how to stop it.
However, that date is not here yet. I think LeSean McCoy continues his quest to be the leagues leading rusher, and Vick tries to stay in the pocket and out of the locker room.

Detroit at Arizona- Detroit.

Detroit still has some kinks to figure out, including the 100 thousand dollar man, Mr. Ndamukong Suh (Thanks Google!), but they looked to have their issues from last season sorted out, and ultimately I think they are more versatile than the Cardinals, despite Arizona showing a little life last weekend.

I think this game could actually be pretty close if Carson Palmer plays as well as he did last week...
But we all know that's a stretch.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay- New Orleans.

I was extremely disappointed in Tampa Bay last week.
For all the hype and potential, they couldn't even pull away from a pathetic Jets team.
And while it's true that the penalty might have been BS, you can't blame a loss on one play. You had 60 minutes to make magic, and instead, the fake top fell off of the hat and the rabbit escaped.

It took the Saints a second to get rolling last weekend, but I doubt they'll stop now.
Big win for New Orleans here.

Denver at New York (Giants) - Denver.

6 turnovers.

That is crazy.

You know what's crazier?

7 touchdowns.

Are you kidding me?
Arm strength, shmarm shprength, Peyton Manning looked incredible out there in the second half!
After adjusting at half-time, Peyton Manning ripped safety Michael Huff and the Ravens secondary apart to tie an all-time NFL record.

I'm sorry Big Blue, you know I love ya, but... I don't know if you guys have the secondary talent to slow big brother down.

Jacksonville at Oakland- Oakland.

Let me just take a very proud moment to let this sink in.
This week, I actually expect my Oakland Raiders to win.
What an incredible feeling.

Terrelle Pryor was actually much better than advertised on Sunday, showing off an athleticism that baffled the Colts front seven.
You could say that his two interceptions are what cost the Raiders the win, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Pryor was the reason they were competitive in the first place.
The Raiders defense looked much improved, holding Andrew Luck under 200 yards passing, and avoiding any big plays through the air. Rookie D.J. Hayden looked outstanding from the nickelback spot, and with the exception of Tracy Porter's inability to reproduce his 2009-Reggie-Wayne-Coverage ability, the secondary was solid.

Jacksonville looked confused in all three phases, getting shut out on offense and squeaking in a fluke safety early in the game.
They made Alex Smith look like Peyton Manning, and are in desperate need for some kind of spark.
Don't be surprised if they don't get that from Chad Henne, who will start at QB this week.

San Francisco at Seattle- Seattle.

Where are they playing?
In Seattle?
Okay, I pick the Seahawks.

Okay, Look.
As I said last week, the Packers defense is soft.
Like Pampers
Like Cottonelle.
Like they had one of the worst secondarys in the history of the NFL and the only off-season move they made was getting rid of a future hall of fame player in Charles Woodson.

So... What I'm saying is...
Anquan Boldin isn't going to get 200 yards vs Richard Sherman.
I mean... No. Not even a little bit.
Nevermind that Anquan Boldin is 32 years old, or that 11 years ago he could run a 4.7 forty time, the dude is only 6 feet tall.
Sherman, a 2012 all-pro cornerback, is 6'4.
Six. Foot. Four.

Assuming that he doesn't get thrown on his ass on the line, how is he supposed to ever really get open when Sherman is towering over him?

I know everybody is super excited about the 49ers because they beat up the Packers again, but there are things that need to be said.
A. The Packers can't run.
B. The 49ers secondary was unimpressive.
C. A weaker Seahawks team beat a better 49ers team 42-13 last year.
Yeah. It wasn't close.
I was there.

Please, Shut up, your ignorant inexperience is showing. You're going to tell me that Anquan Boldin makes up for the loss of Mario Manningham, Michael Crabtree, and Randy Moss?
Okay. Turn off Madden now.

The Seahawks are the best running team in the NFL, and I think San Fran is in for a nasty surprise.

Did I mention it's in Seattle?
Because it is.
it's in Seattle.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati- Cincinnati.

I don't know what nonsense that was that the Steelers played last week, but I have no confidence in them whatsoever to be a contender, especially with such significant injuries. In a game like this, where the Bengals are going to score a lot of points, and Geno Atkins goes up against a beat up Steelers offensive line? I think Cincy wins big.


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    • profile image

      anniegelderman 4 years ago

      Also, the last time the Hawks played the Niners, it was Jim Harbaugh's birthday. This Sunday is Pete Carroll's birthday. Let's hope that Pete is as happy on his birthday as he was on Jim's!