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Northern Pike Fishing Tips-A Must Read

Updated on February 27, 2014

Where The Pike Are:

When it comes to Northern Pike fishing tips its probably very important to know and understand where you will find and catch them. When we are talking about lakes there are many places you will find the fish. For the most part if you fish in the back bays in the thick weeds you stand a good chance of catching small to medium size fish. In these bays you will also find lily pads and wild rice in many cases. As you move further out of the weeds you should start finding bigger fish. It seems that the bigger fish are on the edge of the weeds because they have bigger fish to eat out there.

When it comes to big pike they don't usually care about the small minnows and stuff like that. big pike want to eat walleye, perch, suckers and whitefish. If at all possible the big pike will hang out where they can surprise thewalleyeand catch a meal. The main area the pike go after walleye is the entrance to bays, areas with rocks, around islands and any other place you usually find walleye hanging out. The mouth of either streams or rivers in my experience are the best places to catch the trophy pike. It is so good there because the pike just sit back and wait for walleye to swim through. Great northern pike fishing tips are anywhere you find perch or walleye tells you there is a good chance there will be pike around at any moment.

Of all the game fish available to catch in most cases pike are usually the easiest. If you have on a lure then in most cases a pike will take it and run. It really is no secret that the two favorite hooks of a pike are the red devils and the yellow and black five of diamonds. However it really doesn't matter, if its in the water and moving you stand a very good chance of catching a pike. If you listen to the stories of big pike being caught a common story is catching huge pike on jigs or walleye rigs. If you think about this it makes sense because like we talked about the pike will be hanging out at anyplace that is good to catch walleye.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips: Play With Your Bait

I know we said pike are very easy to catch but when it comes to northern pike fishing tips you do need to understand that pike will play with your bait and sometimes for a very long time.

What will happen quite often is pike will hit and then let go of your hook.  Eventually he will decide that enough is enough and he will take the bait and run.  This is where you need to be able to practice the fine art of fishing patience.

Something else that is kind of nice on this topic is double catching.  In many cases you will hook on to that trophy and lose him.  Don't immediately reel in because if you just take it easy and reel in slow there is a very good chance the same trophy will hit again.

The thing with pike is they are always hungry and forget the feeling of a hook rather quickly.  Talk to any fisherman that pays attention and he or she can usually tell you of occasions where they have actually caught the same pike.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips: Casting A DareDevil

In this section daredevil is in the title but in many cases I am talking about spoons in general.  One of the best ways to get the pike attracted to the hooks are getting them to slap the water.  The secret to this is casting your hook very high towards your target zone.  Doing this will get your hook to fall and hit the water thus creating a slapping sound.  Just before the hook hits the water give it a bit of a tug.  If you do it right you will clearly hear the sound of a slap.  In almost all cases if the hook slaps the water properly it will result in the pike coming to look for the noise.

Every where you go you will find water with different colors and so forth.  Some lakes you will find so clear that you can see to bottom in 100 feet of water while others will be so muddy you will think you are fishing in soup.  Each hook you use will have a different effect in different types of water.  It really is up to the fisher person to put in the effort to see what is going to work best for them.  Something you also need to remember is there are a lot of hooks out there that make such noises as rattling or scraping.  You will figure it out and when you do you will realize the luxury of catching Northern Pike in any condition of water.

When fishing many lakes you could also come across Muskie fish.  When you look at muskie and pike you would definitely think they are related while the truth of the matter is they are not related at all.  The reason they look so much alike is because they evolved in almost exact conditions.  Then you look at walleye and perch that do not look at all alike but yet they are very closely related.

Using Old Rapalas with your DareDevil:

Are you looking for some fun northern pike fishing tips then pay attention to this part of the hub.

We all have those old Rapalas that are chewed up and falling apart.  You will be very glad to hear that they can still be a very useful tool in your pike arsenal.

There is nothing that angers a big pike more than seeing other fish chasing and eating other prey.  Northern pike want it to be known in the water that they are the boss and they will be very aggressive to get this point across.  So if a pike sees one fish chasing another it is going to chase it down and eat it.

So now that we are talking about this be sure to take off the hooks off the broken rapala and then hook a black steal leader into it.  After doing this add another leader with your spoon attached so it looks like one hook is chasing the other.

By doing this you are angering pike or muskie that see this.  You will be glad to know that when it comes to northern pike fishing tips one of the best is knowing an angered northern pike is a hungry northern pike.

Muskie Rig With Big Minnows:

If you are looking for the big northern pike you need to understand a little about what they are feeding on.  Big pike wont feed on small minnows unless that's all they can get.  Its just not worth the effort to eat small catches.  When we are talking pike we are talking meals of walleye between half a pound and two pounds.  In knowing this its time to figure out what's best for you to use when it comes to bait.

When it comes to the 6 inch suckers for bait most stores wont carry them.  You need to find a hole in a stream that has the 6 to 8 inch bait, use a worm and fish for them.  Pretty much each and every stream around Canada and United States will house the sorts of fish you want to be using for bait.

A huge chum or sucker on a big Muskie rig is going to catch you big fish.  Now to talk a little about a muskie rig.  You will need a couple steel leaders and a couple treble hooks.  First thing you want to do is clip the hooks onto the leaders.  The next thing you need to do is clip the two leaders together.  So now you should have a hook at one end and one in the middle.  Next thing you want to do is tie your line into the top of the leader with no hook.  Now you want to hook up a float about a foot above the rig.  Now you want to take the end hook and put it through the mouth of your bait and with the other hook put it through the tail of your bait.  Just remember we are talking live bait here so we do not want to hook them in a way that will kill them or make it so they cant swim.

How To Hold A Pike:

We have learned a lot through years of fishing.  The one thing we have learned when it comes to a lot of fish and especially walleye and northern pike is we cant hold them up by their eye sockets.

We never see what happens as a result but what does happen is you squeeze the optic nerves which in turn hits their brain which results in a slow agonizing death.

Keep The Gas And Bug Spray Away

I know and understand that being near gas is a part of what has to happen if you are going out in a boat but when you get it on your hands you really need to get it off. The trick here is to wash your hands with sugar.

When it comes to bug spray you want to use salt to rinse that off. It is very important you do this before touching any of your fishing gear. If you keep your hands clean you are doing the best to get the maximum amount of fish strikes.

There are many more northern pike fishing tips out there but for now we will stop and wait for the next hub to come out.


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    • profile image

      Musky Jason 

      3 years ago

      Solid northern pike fishing advice. Similar tactics can be used for musky fishing.

    • profile image

      Copper Man 

      5 years ago

      Enjoyed your article. Northers are a voracious bunch. First one I caught was in Deadman Lake, in Alaska. Lots of action.

    • moonlake profile image


      5 years ago from America

      We have caught many a Northern. Our son's friend pickles Northerns. Voted up on your hub.

    • jimmar profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      Good advice. Also...try keeping a walleye live and on a long stringer in the water...some of those giants can't resist.

    • profile image

      Just Beginning 

      8 years ago

      Nice hub. Do pike like top waters like Spooks, Poppers, or buzzbaits?

    • Dale Mazurek profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Mazurek 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Hello, always a pleasure to see you hanging out and checking in on my hubs


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      A great hub and very explanatory in plain English. Well done. Thank you.


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