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How To Catch Pike

Updated on July 14, 2015
Northern Pike
Northern Pike

How To Catch Pike-All Seasons

Pike are a fish that can be caught in great numbers in all seasons. The point of this hub is going to give a brief outlook on how to catch pike in each season.

Many of the strategies are very similar or easily combined to be able to use one for the other. You will quickly realize that pike can be one of the easiest fish to catch but because of its strength and fighting ability they can also be some of the most fun fish to catch.

You will notice that people have other names for the fish as well. You will hear them referred to as Northern Pike, Pike, Jack fish, slough sharks and I'm sure many others.

Go ahead and read on through to get a general idea on how to catch pike in any season.

How To Catch Pike-Summer
How To Catch Pike-Summer

How To Catch Pike-Summer

For the most part on how to catch pike come summertime you will find most pike somewhere around the shallow water. They will be in shallow water but usually bedded down somewhere in weeds to stay out of the bright sunlight.

Pike are predators so not only do the weeds provide cover for the needed shade but it also allows them to strike as their prey swims by.

That is why you want to work your hook and techniques along the edge of the weeds. You want to move your hook fairly quickly through these areas.

You may also find some pike in the deeper waters in the summertime but they will still be hiding out in any green they can find just because of the hunting benefit. A must have hook in the summertime are any hooks that look like minnows.

Hooks that look like minnows work in the water just like the food pike are feeding on. You may have to do some experimenting with depths but once you find them the minnow looking hubs will be a hit and will allow you to bring many pike to the boat.

How To Catch Pike-Fall Time
How To Catch Pike-Fall Time

How To Catch Pike-Fall Time

How to catch pike in the fall time is when you should be preparing yourself for the big fish. It is also a time you should be focusing on trolling.

The pike will be feeding like crazy as they are getting ready for the up coming winter months.

Pike will usually be suspended in deeper water in the fall time. The key to finding the pike is finding the bait fish. If you find the bait fish you can be assured that you have found the pike.

You are going to want to use crank baits and spoons. You are going to want to troll quite fast. One thing that is quite important is trying to match your colors as best as possible to the colors of the baits the fish are feeding on.

At the end of the day learning how to catch pike is by fishing. Just keep fishing and keep doing things until you find what works.

How To Catch Pike-Winter
How To Catch Pike-Winter

How To Catch Pike-Winter

How to catch pike in the wintertime can be a lot of fun. This great game fish is very active in the wintertime. It is better in the early winter so take advantage of it while you can.

Of course when it comes to early ice fishing you want to be aware of all ice conditions. Bad ice is a sure way to make a very bad day of fishing. Not to mention getting cold and wet is the best that can happen compared to possibly drowning so make safety your first concern.

You are not going to have to make a big investment. You will need a rod, some tip ups, some line, a few hooks, some bait and that's about it.

For the most part the pike will be back in the same place they were before the ice set in. So it really isn't good practice to just start punching holes anywhere. You want to be fishing along the edge of where the tall weeds were in the fall time.

It would be great if you new the structure of the lake before heading out. It would be great in steering you in the direction of ledges, faults and other weed edges.

If you have never been ice fishing then you need to learn how to catch pike and see what kind of fun you can have. For a small investment you can enjoy a great winter sport.

How To Catch Pike-Spring Time
How To Catch Pike-Spring Time

How To Catch Pike-Spring Time

How to catch pike in the springtime is by far the greatest way to be opening up the season.  The springtime can lead to some very big, strong and hungry fish.

You want to be looking for pike in the shallow water.  When the ice comes off the pike will be finished spawning and will be on a very brisk feeding frenzy.  They will be pretty much eating anything you put in front of them.

The pike will be taking no prisoners.  You need to be moving your hook fairly fast and be ready for some great adventure.  Some of the best and biggest pike are caught just days after the ice comes off the lakes.

How To Catch Pike-The End

At the end of the day anytime is a good time for fishing. The whole point is to have fun. Of course we will always have more fun if we are catching fish.

This article is just a few simple, quick tips that you can follow. Trial and error at anytime is the best way to find the fish and find out how they are reacting and to what.


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