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One of the best Basketball Man 2 Man Offensive quick hitters I have ever seen and used!

Updated on March 7, 2012


 This play sets up in a simple box formation with your bigs (4 and 5) on the elbows, and your guards (2 and 3) on the blocks.  We are going to go with the right side, but you can easily reverse this and run it to the left.

Step 1

5 and 2 pop out and 1(pg) passes him the ball. If your 5 man can handle the ball, you can do some isolations with him out of this quick hitter if other teams over play. After 1 passes the ball he goes and screens for 4.

step 2

 5 reverse the ball by passing it to 4.  Once the ball goes to 4, 1 pops out foul line extend. (very import to get the correct angle on the pass)  If the defense over plays on 1 he/she can go back door.

Step 3

4 passes to 1. As soon as 3 sees the ball he/she heads towards 5 to set a screen, 

Step 4

5 can go above or under the screen.  He/she has to read it to determine on which side he/she will be the most open.  You need to make sure that whoever you place on the 5 side has a good left hand, because this shot will occur on the left side.

Step 5

If 5 cuts through and is not open, we immediately go to the next option. 3 and 4 set a double screen for 2 who is in the corner. He/she should come off with their hands ready to shoot. You can adjust where the screen is going to be set due to your age group.

 This quick hitter is a fantastic offensive set against a man 2 man defense.  I have been running it for years.  Teams know it is coming, and yet still struggle to stop it.  If they drop and leave the player guarding our 3 man, then we have a mis-match with a little player picking up our 5 (post player) in the post.  Let me know if you have any comments on this offense.  I have heard it called several things.  Someone told me once that it was a version of the UCLA offense that John Wooden use to run, but honetly I have no idea.  This is not something I came up with.  I saw another local high school running it and loved it.  Let me know what you think.


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