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Popular Phiten Baseball Necklaces for Kids

Updated on April 10, 2015

The Rundown

If you watch major league baseball, or have children who play baseball, then you must be aware of the current popularity of Phiten necklaces. Phiten products (necklaces, bracelets +more) have become popular all across America among athletes of all ages.

According to the Phiten company, the titanium products work to improve, prevent, and enhance performance.

Former baseball player Randy Johnson is said to be one the first American sports stars to wear one of their therapeutic necklaces. He discovered them during an All-Star game trip to Japan in 2001 and started to wear them during games soon after. In 2004 several players on the World Championship Boston Red Sox wore Phiten necklaces which further popularized the product.

Today, baseball players Josh Beckett, Justin Morneau, Jobba Chamberlain, and Justin Verlander of the Tigers endorse PHITEN products. Popular golfer Sergio Garcia and star softball player Jennie Finch also are company endorsers.

Since Phiten has made their products more affordable in the last five years, children of all ages are buying Phiten necklaces and bracelets to emulate their favorite star athletes who swear by the product. Below you will see some of the most popular phiten baseball necklaces available at Amazon. However, before we get to that, I feel a few questions need to be addressed. Do these products really work? What is behind all of this madness? Are Phiten products safe to wear? We will explore these questions in the next segment.

The Story

According to the Phiten company, their products were originally developed as a medical aid to help improve the flow of blood in patients who were suffering from immobility.

Phiten developed the Phild processing technique which was invented by a Japanese chiropractor. This now top secret processing technique aligns the bio-electricity within titanium, so that when in close proximity to the body, it assists in regulating bio-electric currents. Titanium is used because it is a safe hypo-allegenic metal.

It is said that the natural state of the body's bio-electrical currents can be disrupted by everyday factors such as electrical equipment, cellular phones, stress, fatigue, and injury. According to the Phiten company these interruptions cause bio-electricity within cells to become unstable and bio-electrical messages throughout the body to become confused. Phitens titanium combats the negative effects of instability by normalising the bio-electricity within each cell. Use of their products result in a improve of blood flow, circulation and associated heat. By doing this you will:

-Improver rate of recovery from fatigue and muscle stairn

-Prevent injury through reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility

-Enhance ability to perform at optimum level, by reducing fatigue and tension

Don't worry parents!!  Phiten necklaces are completely safe to wear.

Do Phitens Work?

I have two children ages 11 and 15 who both play baseball. During the last baseball season I bought them both Phiten necklaces. My older boy noticed nothing different about himself(my youngest is really to young to judge).

I have read many Phiten necklace reviews by people who have stated that their Phiten necklaces helped them with their muscle and neck pain. I have also read a few accounts of people claiming that the Phiten necklaces have helped with their migraine headaches. Whether or not there is just a placebo effect or that the Phiten company is paying for these favorable reviews, I just do not know. However, for all the positives I have read about Phiten products, there seems to be many negative reactions. Some people who wrote reviews of the Phiten products stated that they thought the claims that the Phiten company made about their products was just plain garbage.

For the record: The FDA does not support the claims made by the company.

. None the less, Phiten necklaces and bracelets have become a fashion trend among young athletes. Many young athletes like my two sons look up to the sports stars of the day. I bought two inexpensive Phiten necklaces for them and they love them. I highly recommend the simple inexpensive ones that you can get for under twenty bucks. Therefore if it gets lost(you know how kids are) you are not out a ton of money. The worst case scenario is that your child will be wearing a necklace that they think looks cool.

Don't worry parents!!! Phiten's secret Phild process allows titanium particles to bond with water. This solution is used to impregnate titanium into each and every fiber of the fabric, without losing the texture of the fabric. Therefore, if there is a therapeutic effect from the necklace or bracelet, the effect will last the life of the fabric even when washed regularly.

Popular Baseball Phiten Necklaces

To the right are some of the more popular Phiten baseball necklaces on the market today.

The Phiten Titanium Star necklace is worn by over two hundred major league baseball players and is the necklace both of my kids have.

The Phiten Tornado necklace is two necklaces twisted together to form one necklace.

Most of the Phiten necklaces come in sizes 18 or 22 inches.

Most of the Phiten necklaces come in various colors. If you go and buy one from Amazon you will see a wide variety of colors that you can choose from.



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