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Ultimate Pool Party Floating Furniture and Supplies|Bars, Coolers, Tables Floats

Updated on June 25, 2011

Are you ready to throw a party in your pool this summer? Do you have all water supplies for your party? The floating coolers and bars, the inflatable chairs and lounges, the noodles and other water toys? Because, you know, everybody expect it since you have that fancy pool. Your neighbours, your friends, your relatives...are all jealous. So...are you ready?

But before sending out those pool party invitation - which, by the way, you can customize them online and even have them sent to your guests (check out this article), - before making everybody excited it’s a good idea too take a look through your party and pool supplies to make sure you are updated on the most useful inflatable pool gadgets.

Browsing the online offers is a good way to start.

Here is a short list of pool floating bars, tables, and coolers that bring style and comfort to your water party.

Radio controled snack float

Imagine you and your guests are lounging in the pool. There’s still a while until you will get the grill going and you get hungry. A snack is all you need. Well, you don’t have to go in the kitchen to get it, in fact you don’t even need to get out of water....With a touch of a button the snack comes right to you and then tours to your guests. How wonderful technology can be.

The ultimate party and relax float

What can be more relaxing then hanging around with your good friends with good food and some cool drinks. And if you want to take it a step further, then this party float is one of the answers.
Inflatable lounges and chairs are a great way to enjoy the water but if you have friends over you want to have them close. There are giants floats that can hold  four people, each one on his/her own spot. They also have a space for a cooler and a place for foods or snacks.


If you just want a small and convenient float that keeps your drinks cold, then you just need a simple cooler. There are lots of cooler to chose from, you just need to know how many drinks would you like to have on it at the same time. You can also look into color if you want to match it with your other floating supplies. Then you may want to decide if it should be packable for trips or not. A floating cooler is a must have for any pool party.

For large water parties you may want to go for a floating pool table or a salad bar.

Floating pong table

And while in the water, why not try some games. They now make this huge inflatable beer pong table that can float on the surface of the water. And when you are done with your pool party, or on a rainy day, just set it on your basement and play beer pong there. This one is for serious pong-ers.  

Funny water spider - do not buy if you don’t like spiders

All this time I assumed you already have  floating chairs and lounges for you and your guests. But if you are looking to buy some, here is a funny one.

 Or read my previous article about water chairs.

When the party is over, don’t forget to take your supplies out of the pool and rinse them with clean water to wash off the chlorine. 


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