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Summer pool style and comfort, best floating pool chairs

Updated on June 25, 2011

 The best way to cool off in a hot summer day is to hang around the pool, in a floating pool chair. These inflatable water chairs are not only great for relaxing but also very convenient to store and travel, they make a good gift for everybody who owns a pool and are a great addition to your outdoor entertainment center, especially if you plan a party for you or your kids.

The floating pool chairs are designed for comfort, rest and pleasure. And if you enjoy water and water activities then chances are that you’ll fall in love with everything that keeps you in the pool without having to stand, swim or float all the time.

The greatest thing about owning a floating pool chair is that you can sit while in the water. So, instead of laying outside the pool or on the beach on your lounge or towel and having to take a deep from time to time, you can actually sit at the surface of the pool. Or, after you swam for a while and you need a break this chair keeps you afloat without you having to move a muscle.

There are also other features found in almost all of the floating chairs. One of the most popular is the drink holder, incorporated in the chair, that can hold your icy cold soda or beer. Another great thing is that these chairs, being made to relax the body, have a head rest. They are also made to adjust to your body shape and size and strong enough to hold that extra-pounds that you forgot about.

 Now, that I told you how great are these water floating chairs, it is time to warn you that they tend to fast disappear from shelves. Most stores carries them as a seasonal item an they do not restock them until next year. So, if you want one, now is the time to get your own. But before heading out the door it may be a wise idea to do some online research to make sure you get the best floating pool chair for your money.

Here are some ideas as what to look for:
- how compact is the chair;
- how it folds, in case you want to take it with you in a trip to the beach or even pack it for a flight);
- it should be quick and easy to set up;
- also it should be quick and easy to fold;
- ask how many ponds it can hold;
- also ask about the size of the diameter of the seat;
- durability is another feature, there are cheap floating chairs that last few seasons and there are more expensive ones that can last a lifetime;
- if you want more back support get a taller one;
- if you buy it for a baby, you may want one that has a canopy, for shade.  

Adult size floating pool chairs

Kelsyus Inflatable floating chair 

This water chair folds up into a small disc that can be easily carried in your luggage when you go in vacation. There is one quality jet-valve that makes inflating the chair a very smooth task. When open, its sizes are: 3x17x17. It comes with a mesh bag.

Intel Sit N Float Chair

This is a very affordable water chair that you can afford to buy for the members of your family plus your guests. It is called a lounge but it is more like a chair. It is another floaty that can be taken on a flight or kept in a boat. One nice thing about it is that it comes with a repair patch.

Amazing noodle floating chair

This is a very simple but ingenious product. It is just a mesh that, when attached to a standard size pool noodle, transforms into a water chair.

Water chair lounger 

The best thing about this chair is that it can be a lounge also. It is not design to fold in a compact pack rather to be carry by hand. With it’s fast drying heavy  polyester, this chair is more sturdy and does not stretch easily but would shape for your body. It does not have a cup holder, but you can easily attach one.  

 After you get your the floating chairs of your dreams you are all set up to throw a pool party. (or even go in boating down a wild river). Do not forget to get your floating pool cooler and few water noodles for kids. When you are done and the guests all gone, don’t forget to wash the chlorine off your new water chairs.


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