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Popper Lures

Updated on July 5, 2010

Popper lures can sometimes be more effective than normal crankbait.Popper lures are very good bass fishing lures, but somehow those great lures have been forgotten.There are different popper fishing lures, but the basics are the same.Idea of popper fishing lures is that the fish would think that is bait is injured and as you now fish usually eat injured fish than healthy ones.Popper lures are also very universal lures, you can use them in freshwater and saltwater.Popper fishing lures are usually topwater lures.Popper lure game is very different from other lures and popper lure name comes from it´s play, They should be retrieved very fast, so that they splash on the surface, which makes them irresistible for larger fish.

Bass, caught with Daiwa popper lure.
Bass, caught with Daiwa popper lure.

Popper lures in freshwater

There are many popper lures for freshwater, one of my favorite is Spro popper frog.Why? Because it´s weedless(you can read more here weedless lures),it´s popper lure and it´s a frog lure.Popper frog lure is for pike and bass only.Popper frog lure is also only Popper lure that is not a crankbait, it´s a soft lure.Daiwa popper´s are also very good for freshwater fishing, especially for largemouth bass.You should try saltwater popper lures, on freshwater also, they will work.If you don´t believe in popper lures, then go to your local fish bait store and ask the seller, he/she will probably say that you should try popper lure.So you should try popper lure and if there is too much weed in your lake you can always try popper frog.

Tuna, caught with yo-zuri popper lure.
Tuna, caught with yo-zuri popper lure.

Popper lures in saltwater

Most popper lures are designed for saltwater for catching tuna, pike,trout etc. One of anglers favorite popper lure is yo-zuri, as you can see that tuna on the picture was also caught with yo-zuri popper lure. Before you go to the sea to fish, remember that boat will get you there and you cast with reel and rod, but it´s the bait that will get you the bait, but every correct angler has got few popper lures in his/hers tackle box. There are many good popper lures on sale today and on of them is quite popular it is Williamson Jet Popper.Why? It is great for saltwater fishing, it´s easy to cast and it just brings in large fish. Popper lures really are a good choice for saltwater fishing, so give the popper lure a chance and the popper lure will say thanks with a big fish. Next time when you are shopping for saltwater lures, dont forget the popper lure.


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