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Retro Fish Surfboards

Updated on September 21, 2011

Retro Fish Surfboards

Retrofish surfboards are old school designed fish surfboards. These types of boards are being used more mainly because they are fun. You will catch alot of waves and get long fun rides. Even over flat sections of the waves.

This is where most boards tend to slow down But the old retro fish surfboard keeps going. In Florida you will see many different types of fish surfboards. Due to the poor surf conditions fish surfboards and retro fish surfboards are very popular here. They are fast in the small surf turn on a dime. Because of their speed and tight turning radius these boards can dominate the break. They catch waves almost like a longboard and tend to want to go air born. Probably because of their speed it seems much easier to take them air born. They are thick and float very well. This will also add to their wave catching ability.

Many years ago my friend told me to try a fish surfboard. I tried a Retro fish surfboard and was hooked. If you want to improve your surfing almost instantly get a fish surfboard. If you want to catch more waves and have more fun then you might want to consider getting one of these surfboards.

The question that I seem to be asked most often, is what size and shape surfboard should I buy? I buy surfboards that are easy for me to catch waves on. They are generally larger and fatter that your average surfboard. I buy a surfboard that is for someone that weights 50 lbs more than I do. Why?? Because it floats better and you will catch more waves. Because you will put out less effort paddling.

Retro fish surfboards have become more popular recently, as I have said before they catch waves and you can rip with minimal effort.

How to Surf on a Retro Fish Surfboard

Retro Fish

Buy a Retro Fish Surfboard

I own a website that helps keep me in the water. I list Retro Fish Surfboards on my website that I believe are good deals.

Here are a few examples

6’2″ Quad Fin Seared Ahi

The 6’2″ Quad Fin Seared Ahi is a great all-around board. 6″ longer than the Grunion, it’s for shortboarders who are bigger or those who want to transition from a longboard/funboard.

5’8″ Quad Fin Grunion

The 5’8″ Quad Fin Grunion is the ultimate performance fish. Small yet buoyant enough to paddle easily and glide through a wave.


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