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Fish Surfboards

Updated on September 21, 2011

Fish Surfboards What are they?

Fish Surfboards were born around the 70s. The fish surfboard shape was created for those not so perfect surfing days. Fish surfboards are great for those days when the waves are small. Or if the surf is mushy. Fish is a modern type of board and are normally under 6 ft with very little rocker. Meaning the bottom of the board is flat.

This rocker-less bottom helps you catch waves better because there is less drag. The classic fish tail looks like a W ,shaped like this for more lift to catch those waves with ease. Also to help with turning the board. Fish Surfboards I have seen these boards com in all shapes and colors. Surfing on a fish surfboard has helped improve my surfing.

The best part is everyone thinks my surfing ability has improved. Not so! Some smart surfers told me that board shape and size can make plenty of difference on any particular day.

Fish Surfboards were created for those days when the surf is hard to catch. Maybe it mushy and windblown, the fish is your surfboard! Most surfers know the secret about fish surfboards already. I am still ripping mainly because I have learned what surfboard design works at my surf break.

If you learn surfboard shapes you will excel in surfing. My surfing secret to catching more waves is to buy an over sized fish surfboard like for a larger person. Ha more float and I am gone!

Make it easier for yourself buy a surfboard that catches waves!

Here a Fish Surfboard

Fish Surfboards Fly

My first experience with a fish surfboard was a Mark Richards Twin fin back in the 70s. The original fish surfboard design is still popular today.  A popular design for a fish surfboard is 5 and a half feet long and around 22  in. wide.  It has very little rocker meaning that it is flat . This makes it fast.  This design is really a kick ass surfboard design.

You have more lift to catch more waves and you will have more speed. You will not have to paddle as hard to catch a wave and you will find the fish surfboard way more responsive than your average high performance surfboard.

I like to surf on a super floaty flying fish surfboard. It really improved my surfing. I wasn't able to get air until I was in my 40s and bought a fish surfboard. I am in my 50s now and most of the guys I surf with are my age or older, they give me a hard time about wanting to get air at my age. That doesn't stop me I am on a fish surfboard even I can get air!


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  • profile image

    Fish Surfboard 7 years ago

    Great Lens! It's good to see there are other people other there that have the passion for these boards to do a write up on them.

    That Bullet looks really cool. I love the hybrid design with the quad.