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Review of Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney World Florida

Updated on December 28, 2013

Car chases, live stunts, pyrotechnics and even a jet ski chase, right before you very eyes in the 40 minute live action show, ‘Lights Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida!

Originally performed in Disneyland Paris, the show debuted in 2005 as part of the ‘Happiest Celebration on Earth’ festival at Walt Disney World. Lasting around 40 minutes, this outdoor spectacular is sure to please and excite the car-enthusiasts in your group! Do you have any Cars fans? Lightning McQueen even makes a very special guest appearance during the show!

The show is outdoors on a ‘live set’, and no matter how far back you sit you will still feel the heat from the consuming fires and pyrotechnics used throughout the show – and mixed with a hot and humid Floridian day it can be a little uncomfortable! Being an outdoor show the seats offer shade but little air conditioning so try to position yourself in not only the best viewing spot but in the pathway of one of the large fans situated around the seating area. The seats are metal benches and pretty uncomfortable for such a long show too so you might want to pack a small blanket to sit on.

Facts and Figures

Where will you find the show? Streets of America back lot area, Hollywood Studios, Florida.

Queuing options? Fast pass, stand by.

Performance times: Vary throughout the year but there will be on average 3 times a day but check your park times guide upon arrival.

Accessibility: Wheelchair users can take an elevator to a special seating area, no need to transfer.

Seating: 5,000 seat stadium stand, sit further to the back and you will have a view of the entire stage (and they use every inch of it!)

Remember: This show is 35-40 minutes long and you’ll still be subject to the heat and humidity, consider buying drinks/ice cream before entering the show and stay hydrated!


It's Show Time!

At ‘Lights, Motor, Action!’ you, the audience, is put right into the middle of the filming of an epic stunt sequence, you’re on the set of the movie itself, with a director, cameramen, runners, stunt actors, over 40 vehicles including several custom made for the show itself. If you’ve ever wondered how they put together those memorable car chases and stunt scenes from the likes of Bourne Identity, Italian Job, Herbie, even James Bond, this show is going to let you in on a few tips, tricks and secrets to how those scenes where created!

The Hero’s are in the red cars, the Villain’s in the black, making it easier for the audience to follow the action, there are extras on set and a few lucky audience members will even be asked to participate in the show (one of whom will get to ‘drive’ an very special vehicle!). Everything is filmed as it happens and played back on the large projection screens as the back of the stage. They also show you how they stick scenes together in order to make them look more realistic – and you’ll be amazed by some of their visual trickery!

The show is high powered and energetic right from the off and all the performers you see are real, the majority professional stunt actors and actresses, the cars are real, the fire is real and the action is live! I hope you like the roar of engines as they echo out across the park during every show.

Note: those with small children who dislike loud noises and bangs will want to sit as far back as possible as the noise gets really loud during some of the bigger sequences!

I remember this show from my first few Disney experiences at Disneyland Paris and enjoying it immensely. For those who have seen the Paris version of this show you will notice few differences, they stick pretty close to the original script, stunts and setting. The only obvious difference is the lack of French speaking!

If you’re looking for an air-con break you’re not going to get it at Lights, Motor, Action, so try and hit the show earlier in the day during the hotter months. This show is subject to weather as it’s an outdoor show so be warned that during the wetter months when showers are more frequent, it can be cancelled right up until the point they’re about to start the show and I’ve seen it called off halfway through because the rain has got so heavy it’s unsafe for the actors to continue, so just keep that in mind if the skies are looking decidedly dodgy!

Did you know...

The stage has a very French theme, a nod to the shows origins in Disneyland Paris!

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