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The Best Places To Snowboard In Scotland - Top Scottish Ski Resorts

Updated on March 14, 2011


Looking for the best place to snowboard in Scotland? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will look at Scotland’s top ski resorts and see where the best snowboarding conditions are to be found. If you love snowboarding and want to visit Scotland then there are some excellent ski centres that offer great runs and often have good quality conditions.

Here we will look at the best places to snowboard in Scotland. There are five main ski resorts or centres so we will have a close look at each one of these. Although Scotland does not always guarantee the best snow, if you get lucky with the weather there are some great places to snowboard in Scotland. So now let’s have a look at the five best snowboarding locations in Scotland.

The Cairngorms


The Cairngorm ski resort is possibly the most well known of all the Scottish ski resorts. The Cairngorm mountains tend to get the most snow, have the most wild scenery and often the most brutal conditions. For these reason the Cairngorms are a wonderful place to snowboard. You have a good chance of finding some fresh powder on these slopes and the snow often lingers long into the spring. This is Scotland’s most popular ski centre and a great one to visit if you want to go snowboarding.

The Cairngorm ski resort has 22 runs including a very challenging black. There are 12 lifts in total and this includes Scotland’s only funicular train service which takes you up the mountain. A lift pass to Cairngorm will cost you £30.80 for a full day. As far as snowboarding goes Cairngorm is viewed by many to be the best resort in Scotland, there is also a park here which appeals to many freestyle snowboarders.



Located south of Cairngorm is the Glenshee ski resort. This is the largest ski resort in Scotland and offers 36 runs which are serviced by 21 lifts and tows. Although Glenshee does not always have the best conditions, if you do get good snow there really is nowhere better to snowboard. The wide variety of runs will keep even the most avid snowboarder entertained for days on end. The resort stretches wide over four separate mountains and is a great place to explore.

Glenshee also has an excellent ski school so this can be a great place to visit if you are new to snowboarding. A days life pass to Glenshee is only £27 which makes it very good value. The mountains have some nice easy slopes to learn on and are ideal for beginners. At the same time though there are also a few very challenging runs that will test all snowboarders who give them a try.



Possibly the most spectacular ski resort in Scotland, Glencoe offers some stunning mountain scenery. In an area famed for it’s rugged mountains and stunning views, Glencoe really is a paradise for snowboarders. The resort is the oldest in Scotland and thus has an excellent reputation. With 19 runs and 7 lifts this is not the largest resort by any means, but there is something that will appeal to many snowboarders. The Flypaper run is the most challenging black run in the whole of Scotland. With extremely steep slopes and some really tough conditions this run attracts boarders from all over the UK. If you want a thrill then this is really for you.

A full days lift pass will cost you £30 at Glencoe which is about average for Scotland. The resort sometimes suffers from a lack of snow, but if there are good conditions then it is a resort that really is well worth a visit. The Glencoe ski resort really is a stunning place to go snowboarding.

The Lecht


Another resort based in the Cairngorms, the Lecht is the smallest of the Scottish ski resorts but in no way does this detract from the excellence of the place. Often seen to be the best resort for snowboarders due to the fact that they have an excellent park and also a half pipe which attracts many snowboarders. With 18 runs there is plenty to enjoy at the Lecht ski resort and it often boasts some of the best conditions when it comes to fresh snow.

One major plus point about the Lecht is that they have snow making facilities. So even if conditions are poor they can still remain open late into the season. A full days lift pass at the Lecht will cost you £27 which makes this one of the cheaper options in Scotland. If you want to try something a little bit different than the other resorts then the Lecht really could be perfect for snowboarding.

The Nevis Range


Last but by no means least is the Nevis range ski resort. Located just a few miles out of Fort William, the Nevis Range is the highest ski resort in the country. Another big appeal of this resort is the fact that it has the only mountain gondola in Scotland. The resort is high up on the mountain meaning it often has snow when other resorts do not. Offering a wide range of runs ranging from beginner through to pro this is a real Mecca for snowboarders in Scotland.

Another appeal of the Nevis range ski resort is the fact that they have some excellent off piste boarding. You often get some magical fresh powder in these areas which is ideal for snowboarders. A full days lift pass to the Nevis Range will cost you £29 which is pretty good value considering the standard of the resort. Seen by many to be the best resort in Scotland, if you are looking for a great place to go snowboarding then the Nevis Range may well be just what you want.

There really are some great places to snowboard in Scotland. If you do fancy visiting the country then chances are you will not be disappointed with what Scotland has to offer. If you love snowboarding then you will love some of the Scottish ski resorts.


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