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Rugby Union Hubs

Updated on December 8, 2011

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Hub Pages and Rugby Union

Rugby Union is a team sport that is very popular in Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island. However, it is slowly growing throughout the world, and its show case event, the Rugby World Cup, is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The shortened version of rugby union, rugby sevens will also be an Olympic sport in 2016, which will further enhance rugby's reach. However, rugby still has a long way to go in penetrating the American and Asian markets, although the United States, Canada and Japan all had teams in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

I have been hubbing for nearly two years and one of the topics I enjoy writing about the most is rugby union. When I started in hub pages I was surprised at how few rugby articles there were here. I have enjoyed playing my small part in creating a rugby resource here at hub pages. Fortunately there is now an ever growing group of hubbers who are writing about rugby union and an ever growing community of rugby fans.

I have created this hub to catalogue all my hubs on rugby union. I also have a rugby blog called RugbyFix featuring rugby news and editorial but generally the hubs I write are more for informational purposes and particularly for explaining specific parts of rugby to newcomers, for example scrums and lineouts. Rugby can seem like quite a complicated sport to newcomers and even us rugby mad fans still struggle with some of the finer points of the game. If you are already a rugby fan, perhaps these hubs will show how fun it is to write about something you like. Hubbing is easy and you can even get money for it (apparently).

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First, a bit about Rugby Union

Rugby union is a fifteen a side full contact sport. The great thing about it is that every single element of it is a contest, from the kick offs to the conversions. In this way it contrasts with its close cousin rugby league, which has foregone some of the contestable elements to increase its value as a spectacle. Examples of this is in rugby union where the scrums and lineouts which are heavily, sometimes violently contested. However in rugby league they have removed the lineout completely and removed the contestability of the scrum, only using it as a tool for restarting play.

For a broad overview of the sport of rugby union, check out the Rugby Union hub.

Here are some hubs that hopefully give you a better understanding of rugby union.


The Rugby Scrum and Lineout

Rugby Union Lineout

The rugby lineout can be a beautiful display of team work and coordination. It is used to restart play when the ball goes over the sideline.

Find out more by reading the Rugby Union Lineout hub.

The Rugby Scrum

The rugby union scrum remains as one of rugby's unique elements. To newcomers it might look brutal, but to rugby purists it is a thing of unmatched beauty.

Find out a little more about the rugby scrub by reading the Rugby Union Scrum hub.

Rugby League: Your Ticket to Big Hits, Scores and Excitement

As mentioned previously, rugby league is a very close cousin rugby union. However, it stands in contrast in having removed some key elements present in rugby. For rugby league fans this has created more of a spectacle. Rugby league fans find it faster and more exciting. You are also more likely to acts of individual athletic brilliance.

Find out more about rugby league in the Rugby League hub.

Rugby 7s

Rugby sevens is a shortened version of traditional fifteen a side rugby union. As implied by the name it has seven players on team. It is a very quick and exciting form or rugby, usually with lots of tries.

Check out the Rugby Sevens hub to find out more.

Super Rugby

Super Rugby is the preeminent club rugby competition in the Southern Hemisphere. Franchises represents regions of New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Currently there are fifteen teams in Super Rugby, five from each of the aforementioned countries. Played on the hard grounds during the tail end of the Southern Hemisphere's summer, Super Rugby is known for its attacking, running rugby.

Read the Super Rugby hub to find out more.

The All Blacks

The All Blacks rugby team are one of the most famous and successful team in rugby union. They represent the rugby stronghold of New Zealand and have a winning record of 75% throughout their history.

Check out the All Blacks hub.

Fantasy Rugby

Fantasy Rugby is a great way of making the game of rugby even more exciting. It's an online game where you put together of team of all star players and they accumulate points according their performance. Give it a go!

Check out the Fantasy Rugby hub to find out more.

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