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Deer hunting and Using Scent-a-Way

Updated on September 12, 2011

Scent control in a bottle

Deer hunting and scent. I have a problem. I stink. You have a problem. You stink. My 13 year old boy has a problem. He stinks. At least to a deer, we all stink. Actually the boy has an aversion to soap so he tends to stink and everybody knows it.

But, we have a solution from Hunter's Specialties called Scent-A-Way.

I'm a hunter. I'm in the woods every chance I get and my primary weapon is a 25 year old bow so I gotta get close. And that's been a problem for many years. I have tried many low-cost solutions, from leaving my clothes in the barn to soaking everything and myself in baking soda. Leaving the clothes in the barn worked pretty well as long as I was hunting near the barn. The deer seemed to be used to the odor of the horses and cows and didn't seem to have a problem within 30 or so yards. Closer than that, or hunting someplace other than our farm, and you had to depend on the wind and a lot of luck.

Baking soda was always a good solution too. But it only seemed to last for a couple of hours at best. And in early bow season, when it's hot, didn't help at all.

This year I went to a store-bought solution and started using Scent-A-Way.

For those not familiar with this product, it comes in a spray bottle and you just hose down your clothes with it and deer don't smell you anymore. I use it while in the blind too. Every hour or so I give a couple of sprays to my clothing and around the blind. I'm having deer within five and ten feet of the blind and they just don't smell me. I have no idea what they put in this stuff, it could be ground up baby kittens for all I know. If so, toss some more kitties in the grinder because I'll be a repeat customer.

And it even works on the Boy. With both of us in our woods-built blinds, deer just walk right by us, so long as we sit still.

I have now purchased the soap, the laundry detergent and dryer sheets, the anti-perspirant and a large refill bottle for my spray bottle and use all before every hunting trip.

So if deer are repelled by the way you smell, drop on down to your sporting goods store or Walmart and pick up some Scent-A-Way.  Get your skinning knife ready, you will be needing it.


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