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Scuba Diving Bags

Updated on March 14, 2011

So you’ve got your diving certificate and your major diving gear selected and you want to stuff it all in a bag and get yourself wet.

Just like the rest of the gear you will be acquiring for the first time, keep in mind that a scuba diving bag is as well part of your gear.

Scuba diving bags to store your gear is a very important and careful decision you will have to make because in the future you will eventually acquire more scuba diving gear to complete and assist you in your dives and you want to make sure it all fits in one bag.

A built in trolley will greatly help if you´re you planning regularly on going to scuba diving holiday trips or if your boat is far from where you unload gear from your car.

Choose carefully

Your scuba diving bag should be large enough to store your diving suit, boots, gloves, mask, snorkel, knife, fins, buoyancy compensator, first and second stage regulator with octopus, lantern, reel, water proof container to store your documents, cell, keys and extra diving repair accessories.

Your first and second stage regulator with octopus should be stored in an appropriate smaller bag that will be stored in the top of your main scuba diving bag.

You want to give extra care to this special equipment. Choose reinforced plastic zippers instead of any type of metal on all compartments of your bag.

Rust stains

Scuba diving bags are supposed to protect, and not ruin your gear.

My first scuba diving bag I bought to store my gear had two penny sized holes on the bottom to let water drip out after the dives.

This is important if you pack your bag after a dive with your gear still wet. (Make sure you don’t let water, especially salt water drip in the back of your car and ruin it).

The holes on the bottom of the bag were reinforced with metal “O” shaped clips.

After some dives the clips started to rust without my knowledge and one day after a dive, when I got home to rinse my gear through fresh water I noticed two small rust stains on my suit that didn’t come off.

Since I dove that morning on a shipwreck, I thought that I had been careless and scraped my suit on the wreck and left some rust stains on it.

Only later I found out it was from those rusted metal clips and removed them.

Packing your bag

Organizing gear in your scuba diving bag is important.

It should be in reverse order the way you gear up, meaning, the last items you put on before a dive are the first when you are packing gear in your scuba diving bag.

This way will help you greatly in gearing up and planning your dive.

Many Happy Dives


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