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Soccer, The King among Sports

Updated on September 4, 2009

When you compare all sports, soccer is the most demanding. Modern soccer has become so competitive that players need both consistent training and conditioning to reap the synergies between both.

Soccer has a large playing field and the sport does not offer many rest periods during the play. A survey reveals that during a match, players cover a minimum of 8 kms. and a maximum of 12 kms.

Endurance is an important factor that is very much essential for a soccer player. Hence soccer players undergo rigorous endurance training. The player with the maximum aerobic capacity covers more of the playing field than others. Good endurance skills also help in increasing the number of sprints during the game.

Another training that is very important in soccer is strength training. Simple weight lifts are not enough. There should be a balanced training for intense power and endurance for muscles for which they have to access the best tools and benefit from the guidance of experienced trainers. The main point in strength training is to increase soccer-specific strength and power. Strength training also corrects muscle imbalances. Since soccer players are susceptible to development of excessively strong quadriceps compared to their hamstrings, they should have a balanced and carefully orchestrated strength plan to correct this glaring imbalance so as to avoid injuries that may take a toll on their soccer career, a terrible price to pay indeed.


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    • SimeyC profile image

      Simon Cook 8 years ago from NJ, USA

      Now if only you can sell this idea to the US! Both Soccer and Rugby (both very demanding) get little or no coverage in the US!