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Sports And Your Kids

Updated on September 5, 2015

No matter what their physical attributes may be or their lack of athletic ability, every kid deserves the chance to be on a team

If you are the parents of young children, consider having them get involved in sports. It really doesnt matter if you think your child is athletically inclined. What matters is that your child will gain SO much from being on a team.

They learn inclusion. They learn sportsmanship. They make friends. They learn that winning, while its great, isnt always everything. They also learn that losing gives you the impetus to try harder and also that losing helps you learn your weak spots so that you can work to improve them. They learn that losing doesnt mean the end of the world and that its okay to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Its very true that in losing, we learn more about ourselves than when we win.

Being involved in a sport teaches competition and competition, if handled correctly, is a great learning tool.

Kids learn the powerful feeling of success if they DO turn out to be great at a sport. Its a magnificent ego booster and kids need that. As they get older, its not enough to be admired by just Mom and Dad and Gramma and Grandpa. They need acceptance, admiration and approval from their peers as well.

Having a great coach is a wonderful thing for a young girl or boy. Growing up, all kids need different adults in their lives from parents etc. to teach them things and for the child to look up to and admire. And its important to learn the fundamentals of all sports, not just from Mom or Dad, but from the Coach as well.

Parents gain so much from their kids being involved in sports. You meet and make new friends. You gain a sense of community since most sports teams are centered in your neighborhoods. You get to watch your child as he/she rounds the bases with a HUGE grin on that face you love so much.

Its a great teaching experience for parents to show their children that they matter enough for Mom and Dad to drive to the game, practice, stay, watch, cheer, buy drinks....all the things we do to let our kids know that they matter.

All 4 of our kids, including Shannon, played sports. The only rule we had was that if you join, you have to finish. Were they all stars? Hell no! Katie will tell you that basically, shes a klutz (shes the apple, Im the tree!).

Shannon was a pretty darned good soccer player. She played on a mostly Down Syndrome team so the competition wasnt too severe, but she had fun and felt the same pride anyone feels when involved in sports.

Scott and Patrick both excelled at baseball and football and as keepers on their respective soccer teams. They both had their fair share of glory and their fair share of misery. Mike coached every, single one of our kids teams both spring and fall. That meant that I drove all over town taking to, picking up and watching games.

We did it because we loved our kids and we knew that it was important for them to belong to something outside home and school.

I am sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our kids are better adults for having played sports. I know that they learned valuable life lessons.

Dont sell your kids short thinking that they cant do it.

Let them succeed or fail, but let them try.


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