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Sports Trivia Questions Super Bowl Trivia

Updated on June 15, 2016

Think you know NFL Super Bowl trivia? I’ve put together some sports trivia questions from the world of professional football that I think any football fan would be interested in.

You may find some of these Super Bowl trivia questions a little easier than some of the others, but I think you will find all of them to be challenging.


20 correct – You are a Super Bowl trivia expert. You are awarded two lifetime tickets to every future Super Bowl. (Since we are making all of this up, let’s throw in travel too.)

16-19 correct – Your favorite team wins the Super Bowl. The coach invites you to the locker room and awards the game ball to you. (No one really knows why.)

11-15 correct – Your favorite team wins the Super Bowl and you saw the game from the owner’s box.

6-10 correct – You may watch the game but you're no longer allowed to discuss football trivia.

0-5 correct – You are no longer allowed to watch the Super Bowl.

Good luck!

Please scroll down for Super Bowl trivia questions and answers.
Please scroll down for Super Bowl trivia questions and answers.

Super Bowl Football Trivia Questions.

1. Who is credited with naming the Super Bowl?

2. Which team was first awarded the Vince Lombardi trophy?

3. Which was the first Super Bowl to be designated by the Roman numerals we know today?

4. Who was the very first Super Bowl MVP?

5. Which two coaches have lost a Super Bowl with two different teams without winning once with either team?

6. Which was the only Super Bowl broadcast simultaneously by two different networks?

7. Who was the Oakland Raiders first ever Super Bowl MVP?

8. Who was the first wide receiver to be named Super Bowl MVP?

9. Which quarterback holds the highest single game passer rating in a Super Bowl?

10. In Super Bowl XLII, this player made one of the most incredible catches in Super Bowl history by pinning the ball against his helmet as he fell. Name him.

11. Who was the first player to play in 5 Super Bowls?

12. Which Super Bowl winning quarterback attempted the fewest passes in a single Super Bowl game?

13. As of February 2015, four current NFL teams have never played in a Super Bowl? Name any three of them.

14. Which team won by the most lopsided score in Super Bowl history?

15. Only one Super Bowl had co-MVPs that were both on the defensive side of the ball. Name the team, the Super Bowl and the two MVPs.

16. Name the first defensive back to win Super Bowl MVP honors.

17. Who was the first kick returner to be named Super Bowl MVP?

18. As of February 2015, two teams have lost four Super Bowls each without ever winning one. Name them.

19. Through the first 43 Super Bowls, only one player has recorded 3 sacks in a single Super Bowl. Name him.

20. Who was the first and only Super Bowl MVP to be chosen from the losing team?

Scroll Down For Answers To Super Bowl Football Trivia Questions.

1. During the discussions to iron out the details, AFL founder and Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt had jokingly referred to the proposed championship as the "Super Bowl". Mr. Hunt thought of the name because he had recently seen his children playing with a toy called a Super Ball.

2. The Super Bowl trophy is named for Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, who won the first two Super Bowl games. After his passing in 1970, the trophy was named the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and was first awarded as such to the Baltimore Colts in Miami for Super Bowl V.

3. Super Bowl III was the first to use Roman numerals. Super Bowls I and II were not known as such until the game's third year. Super Bowl’s I and II were originally named "The AFL-NFL World Championship Game" at the time they were played.

4. Bart Starr, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, winners of Super Bowls I and II. Bart was also the MVP of Super Bowl II.

5. Dan Reeves lost as coach of the Broncos and Falcons and John Fox lost with the Panthers and Broncos. Four other coaches have taken two different teams to the Super Bowl but have won at least once with one of the teams: Don Shula, (Colts and Dolphins), Bill Parcells, (Giants and Patriots), Mike Holmgren, (Packers and Seahawks) and Dick Vermeil (Eagles and Rams).

6. Super Bowl I was broadcast by CBS and NBC simultaneously.

7. Fred Biletnikoff in Super Bowl XI.

8. Lynn Swann in Super Bowl X.

9. Phil Simms of the New York Giants completed 22 of 25 passes for a rating of 150.9 on January 25, 1987 in Super Bowl XXI.

10. David Tyree of the New York Giants.

11. Marv Fleming. He played in Super Bowls I and II with the Green Bay Packers and Super Bowls VI, VII and VIII with the Miami Dolphins, winning all except Super Bowl VI.

12. In Super Bowl VIII, Bob Griese attempted 7 passes completing six, in the Miami Dolphin's victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

13. The Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions have never played in a Super Bowl.

14. The San Francisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos 55-10 on Jan. 28, 1990 in Super Bowl XXIV.

15. Randy White and Harvey Martin of the Dallas Cowboys on January 15, 1978 in Super Bowl XII.

16. Jake Scott, safety for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII.

17. Desmond Howard, of the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI.

18. The Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills.

19. Reggie White in Super Bowl XXXI.

20. Linebacker Chuck Howley of Dallas in Super Bowl V.


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    • Juggergnost profile image

      Juggergnost 2 years ago

      I think it was Troy Aikman. You gave me a clue when you said minimum 3 Super Bowls and it helped to already know you're a Cowboys fan. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by my hubs!

    • mts1098 profile image

      mts1098 2 years ago from InsideTheManCave

      I have one for you...Who has the all time highest completion percentage for a QB in Super Bowls (min 3)?

    • Juggergnost profile image

      Juggergnost 7 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words!

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Mike Francesa does super bowl trivia on his show to give away super bowl tickets. You would've had a good shot at winning with your extensive knowledge.

    • Juggergnost profile image

      Juggergnost 7 years ago

      Nice work!

    • T_Augustus profile image

      T_Augustus 7 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Yaaay I got 11! Let's go 9ers!

    • Juggergnost profile image

      Juggergnost 7 years ago


    • Mimi Power profile image

      Mimi Power 7 years ago from Dallas, TX

      I got sixteen right.