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Miami Dolphins Football Trivia

Updated on June 15, 2016

Think you know Miami Dolphins football trivia? I’ve put together some sports trivia questions from the history of the Miami Dolphins professional football team that I think any football fan would be interested in.

You may find some of these Miami Dolphins trivia questions a little easier than some of the others, but I think you will find all of them to be challenging.


20 correct – You are a serious Miami Dolphins fan. You are awarded two lifetime tickets from every NFL stadium so you will never miss an away game either. (Since we are making all of this up, let’s throw in travel too.)

16-19 correct – You are awarded two lifetime tickets to all home games.

11-15 correct – You are awarded free season tickets.

6-10 correct – You get two tickets to this week’s game and show up to the stadium only to find out it’s an away game.

0-5 correct – The team locks you in a locker before the game.

Good luck!

Scroll down for Miami Dolphins NFL football trivia questions
Scroll down for Miami Dolphins NFL football trivia questions

Miami Dolphins NFL Football Trivia Questions

1. The Miami Dolphins became part of the American Football League (AFL) in 1965 when a team franchise was awarded to Joseph Robbie and what actor?

2. Determining the team name was part of a contest where thousands of entries and different names were submitted to a committee of local media for consideration. Six hundred twenty-two entrants submitted the winning name. To break the tie, the winner would have to correctly predict the winner and the score of the 1965 game between Notre Dame and the University of Miami. Who is the person declared the winner of the contest and therefore credited with coming up with the name, “Dolphins” as the team name?

3. Who was the Dolphins’ first head coach?

4. In 1966, in the Dolphins first regular season game ever, the opening kick off was run back for a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders. Who scored that touchdown?

5. How many career wins does Don Shula have?

6. Don Shula played cornerback for the 1951 Cleveland Browns. What was his jersey number?

7. Dan Marino threw 420 touchdown passes in his great career. How many times in his 17 year career did he pass for more than 30 TD's in a season?

8. Who was the quarterback who threw the first touchdown pass in Miami Dolphin’s history?

9. Who caught Dan Marino’s first touchdown pass as a pro?

10. Who are the only players on the Dolphins to have their number retired?

11. Who were "The Marks Brothers"?

12. In the 1972 undefeated season, Bob Griese suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle in game 5 against San Diego. Which two Charger players made that tackle?

13. Who was the third string quarterback on the 1972 team, behind Bob Griese and Earl Morrell?

14. Who were “The Bruise Brothers”?

15. Which two running backs made history as the first teammates to rush for at least 1,000 yards in the same season.

16. Going into Super Bowl VII, the 16-0 Dolphins were matched against the 13-3 Washington Redskins. Which team was favored to win?

17. In Super Bowl VII, the Dolphins were shutting out the Redskins late in the game, when Miami kicker Garo Yepremian lined up for a field goal to try to make the score 17-0. The kick was blocked and Garo attempted to throw a pass, but only succeeded in bobbing it up into the waiting arms of a Washington player who ran it in for a score. Who was that Redskin player who scored Washington’s only touchdown in Super Bowl VII?

18. Don Shula coached the Miami Dolphins for 26 seasons. How many losing years did he have?

19. What Dolphin receiver ranks in the top ten all time in the NFL for most yards per catch?

20. What team did Dan Marino beat to notch his final NFL victory?

Scroll down for Miami Dolphins NFL Football Trivia answers.

1. Danny Thomas

2. Mrs. Robert Swanson of West Miami won lifetime passes to Dolphin games as she not only chose “Dolphins” but also predicted the UM/Notre Dame game as a scoreless tie.

3. George Wilson.

4. Joe Auer.

5. Shula is number one all time with 347 wins. (A number that is front and center on his famous bottles of steak sauce.)

6. Don wore number 26.

7. Twice. He threw 48 in 1984 and 44 in 1986.

8. Rick Norton threw a 2 yard TD pass to Rick Casares on September 2, 1966. It was the only TD pass Casares would catch that season.

9. Joe Rose in 1983.

10. Bob Griese, #12, Dan Marino, #13 and Larry Csonka, #39.

11. Wide receivers Mark Clayton and Mark “Super” Duper.

12. Deacon Jones and Ron East.

13. Jim DelGaizo.

14. Lyle and Glenn Blackwood who were part of the Killer Bs” defense were “The Bruise Brothers.” A Miami sportswriter gave them the nickname when they were putting some heavy hits on the Buffalo Bills’ players during a Monday night game in 1981.

15. Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris became the first teammates to each rush for 1,000 or more yards in a season in 1972 when Csonka ran for 1,117 yards and Morris ran for 1,000 yards. Both backs averaged over 5 yards per carry for the season.

16. Despite their unbeaten season, the Dolphins were listed as underdogs to the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

17. Mike Bass.

18. In 26 years in Miami, he only had two seasons below .500

19. Paul Warfield averaged 20.1 yards per catch during his 13-year NFL career. During his 5 years as a Miami Dolphin he averaged an even better, 21.3 yards per catch.

20. Dan Marino and the Dolphins beat the Seattle Seahawks 20-17 in a Wild Card game on January 9, 2000 for his last win.

Miami Dolphins Football

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