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How To Get Stronger In The Gym Fast

Updated on May 30, 2017

Incline Bench Press

Cable Crossover Exercise

Bodybuilding Workouts That Increase Muscle Strength

When you are trying to build muscle fast, and build lean muscle that is not just for looks but for strength as well. Its important to embrace a workout routine that is going to help your entire body build muscle in unison with other muscles. In order to do this, its important to workout certain muscles on certain days and the muscles that you work out should be the muscles that complement each other so that your muscles grow together. Have you ever seen someone that has a back that is not proportional to their chest? This is because they are not working out their chest as hard as they work out their pectoral muscles. For optimal results, its best to workout chest and back on the same day, or better yet do workout your chest, back and shoulders all on the same day.

  • Then the next day workout your biceps, triceps and forearms on the same day.
  • Don't forget legs, workout your quads, hamstrings and calves on the same day. Most people don't know this but you will experience better muscle gains overall if you are working out your legs as much as you do with your upper body. The quad muscles around the thigh are among the biggest muscles in your body.
  • Of course, don't forget about your abdominal muscles and lower back as well. If you are doing ab workouts and you find that your lower back is in more pain than it should be, its because your not keeping your lower back as strong as it should be. The lower back muscles play a major role in posture so its very important to keep that area strong. So do lower back exercises on the same day that you are doing ab workouts like crunches, reverse crunches etc. and you should notice a significant difference.

These are all the major muscle groups of the body and working out in this way is the most sensible way to make sure that your muscle physique is symmetrical and balanced. If you notice that is about 4 different workout days which is a good amount of time to spend at the gym each week. So once you finish deciding what body parts you are going to work out for each particular day, just rinse and repeat and do the same thing next week. Also, remember to mix up exercises every few weeks to avoid a muscle plateau in which growth seems to slow down. Mix it up and choose different exercises every couple of weeks. For example for upper chest you might have done incline bench press, so maybe next time try doing a dumbbell incline bench press, it may sound like the same exercise but dumbbell bench presses isolate the muscles much more, especially when you consider how much harder your shoulders and arms are working.

Pre-Workout Supplements

I've been working out for a long time, I've always loved working out at the gym and I've taken my fair share of pre-workout supplements too. I'd like to say that I've tried every pre-workout supplement on the market, but that would be a lot of supplements. Although I haven't tried every pre-workout supplement on the market, I can say that I have tried most of them, especially the major brands that you see at GNC.

From the ones that I have tested, I know that they were among the elite supplements that GNC sells and overall I was very happy with all of the supplements. Of course I did like some supplements more than others and I'll discuss which supplements I think are best nitric oxide supplements for increasing energy, stamina and strength in the gym. There are also other articles that discuss the best bodybuilding supplements for building muscle and you could choose to use those supplements as well for maximum muscle gain.

naNO Vapor Hardcore

Nano Vapor Hardcore is the best pre-workout supplement that I've ever used. The nitric oxide kick combines with the kick of creatine and some caffeine: The result is explosive and you can instantly feel a pump in your muscles after you drink it.

All of the flavors for this pre-workout drink taste pretty good, its easy to drink and it works great. I noticed a huge increase in stamina, strength and endurance in the gym after I finished drinking it.

I have always respected MuscleTech supplements even though sometimes they are a little more expensive. But trust me, MuscleTech has struck gold with this supplement because it works so well and it even has some creatine anhydrous which is a form of creatine with a high rate of absorbency. I swear by this supplement and I plan to continue buying it because I consider it to be among the best pre-workout supplements.

N.O. Xplod

N.O. Xplod is another great supplement that I've tried. I noticed a significant increase in energy and stamina when I took N.O. Xplod before a workout. I wasn't jittery during my workout, my strength increased, and the drink tastes really good.

Not really too much to complain about when it comes to this nitric oxide supplement, but for some unexplainable reason I don't feel like I get as amplified with this supplement when I compare it to naNO vapor. I would describe the change in energy and stamina to be powerful though.

Don't get me wrong, N.O. XPlod is a great supplement and I would buy it again. Its less expensive than naNO Vapor and it has almost all of the same ingredients. You really can't go wrong with N.O. Xplod as a nitric oxide pre workout supplement because it does deliver a powerful punch of adrenaline before going to workout.  I would describe N.O. Xplod as a powerful supplement with a kick of adrenaline, N.O. and some creatine. But if N.O. is to be considered a powerful nitric-oxide pre-workout supplement. Then I would consider naNO Vapor to be a "hardcore nitric oxide supplement".

Good Prices On Nitrix


If your just looking for a pure nitric oxide supplement to increase stamina, energy, endurance, increase circulation, and increase your pump: Nitrix will work perfectly. Nitrix was the first nitric oxide supplement I took and it doesn't have any creatine. One of the other differences between Nitrix and other supplements is the fact that it comes in pill form.

I usually took the dosage around 30 minutes before working out. Nitrix works great, I especially noticed an increase in strengh, muscularity, vascularity and endurance. I was always able to finish my workouts when I was taking Nitrix and sometimes I was astonished with how hard it was for me to feel fatigued during a workout. This is a great nitric oxide supplement.


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    • profile image

      Akash 2 years ago

      Force Factor is one of the many nitric oxide sumlpepents specifically designed for weight lifting.a0 As you can see from the stars, we obviously feel that there are better nitric oxide sumlpepents out there for the money.a0 Force Factor definitely does what it claims to do.a0 It gives you a big boost in your workout.a0 It's just really expensive, and we personally don't feel like their formula is as clean as Nitrix.a0 More people complain of side effects with Force Factor than they do with Nitrix, and Nitrix is quite a bit cheaper.a0 So if you're thinking of trying out Force Factor and haven't checked out Nitrix yet, read our Nitrix Review.

    • profile image

      Lance 7 years ago

      Thanks for the information, I've also heard really good things about nitrix if your looking for a nitric oxide supplement without the creatine.

    • profile image

      Jake 7 years ago

      I love using nano vapor as a pre workout supplement. Definitely helps facilitate huge gains in muscle, and the pump in the gym is amazing

    • Kdban101 profile image

      Kdban101 7 years ago

      nice informative hub.