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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the NFL Football Fan

Updated on December 3, 2012
NFL Best Christmas Gifts for the Football Fan
NFL Best Christmas Gifts for the Football Fan

NFL Football Fans Best Gifts

The NFL Fan Best Gift Ideas

Ten Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for the Football Fan

If you have a family member or friend who is a huge sports enthusiast and loves the game of football, then you have a ticket to easy street when it comes to Christmas gift giving. Some of the best gift ideas for football players can be found right here on this top ten List for Christmas gifts for guys.Football lovers are easier to shop for than you might think, especially if they are into a NFL team, because team logos are on just about every product around from coffee mugs and key chains to mini-fridges and recliners and it makes a great gift for dad.! Read on for some of the best cool gifts ideas for Christmas for the guys (and girls:)

Top Gifts for Football Fans

If you have a loved one on your Christmas gift list that is an NFL fan you can be confident that any gift they receive with nfl apparel teams logo and colors is going to be something they love and cherish for many years to come. There isn't a fan I know that doesn't take the NFL and their Sunday football game to heart.Personally I am watching the Flight Boys and their path to the Super Bowl. (lets go Jets) This Christmas list for the sports lover in your life could be anything from a collectble Christmas ornament to a must needed utensil for a tailgating kits. There is always Madden football and who wouldn't like to read anyone of the must-read football books. I am confident that this list will give you an idea for every football fanatic on your list!

10- Madden NFL

Fan Gift Ideas you Can't Go Wrong With

Two decades ago Madden NFL exploded onto the sport scene with staggeringly authentic football action and a strategic, by-the-playbook approach to the game previously absent in sports video games. With Madden NFL 09, 20 years of innovation culminate in a new apex in the series' groundbreaking realism. This is one Christmas gift idea that has to be one of the best gifts for guys. Let them savor the pulse-pounding excitement as Madden NFL 09 delivers an intense, real-world pro football experience like only legendary coach John Madden can. With these gifts for him he can get into the action of the gridiron as it comes alive with stunning graphics, innovative plays and multiplayer competition that thrusts you into the center of the game with no nonsense and no mercy. This surely is one cool gift for the NFL fan that you need a christmas gift idea for.

Gift for NFL Football Fans

NFL Team Monopoly
NFL Team Monopoly

9- NFL Cool Gifts

NFL Team Monopoly Board Game

Every sport, show, and city has a version of the classic board game Monopoly so of course all of the NFL teams from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Dallas Cowboys , yes every one of the 32 teams in the NFL has their own version of Monopoly. The familiar MONOPOLY game play allows fans to own the best of the New York Giants. They have 6 collectible pewter tokens: Linebacker, Quarterback, Football on a tee, Referee's Whistle, Giants helmet, and a Cleat. Giving your football fan a game representing their team shows a personal touch and that you care which team he loves.

Dallas Cowboys Yahtzee Nfl

NFL Fan Gifts

Travel Game Gifts Ideas Yatzee

The number one Dice Game Yatzee features one-of-a-kind team dice and a football dice cup. This is one fun game and a great gift idea for this is where family and friends can enjoy classic YAHTZEE game play with a special NFL twist. This cool gift is a travel-sized game that includes a the NFL Teams football dice cup with lid that stores five custom dice featuring authentic NFL jersey numbers and the NFL logo and custom Cowboys score pads. A gift for guys is especially cool to see them roll the dice to make a winning combination like a Full House or Five of a Kind. that is the game of YAHTZEE touchdown! Its the perfect Christmas gift idea for stadium tailgating and on-the-go fun!

  • Football dice cup fits all game components
  • Five custom dice featuring authentic jersey numbers 1 to 5 and the Bears logo replaces 6 pips
  • Custom NFL gift for Cowboys score pad
  • Football dice cup is travel sized for on-the-go fun

NFL Fans Best Gifts

  NFL Team Fleece Throw Blanket
NFL Team Fleece Throw Blanket

8- NFL Fleece Throw Blanket

A Warm Sports NFL Fan Gift Idea

Year in and year out this Fleece throw blankets always make for a great Christmas gift. Best part of this gift for guys and gals is that it is available for numerous NFL sports teams, and these are an exceedingly great gift. Whether your New York Jet fan will huddle under this at a stadium event or in the recliner, an NFL blanket for the sports fan is a cool gift for anyone on your Christmas list. A fleece throw blanket always makes for a great gift idea, but it is especially one of the best for Christmas as it sure does come in handy when the weather s the coolest. The fleece adds an immediate comfy factor, and the team colors on these blankets are usually exceedingly brilliant making them a wonderfully vivid present as well as practical. A sports fan throw that comes in all 32 NFL team's colors and they are decorated with their team name and logo and helmet design, leaving no doubt about which team you support. My favorite is the New York Giants and I would love more than anything to be the receiver of this NFL gift.

NFL Football Fan Best Gifts

7- Great Gift Idea for the NFL Fan

Reserved Parking NFL Stop SIgns

For the sports fan who has frequent game day get-togethers, a Reserved Parking for _____ Fans sign is a really great gift idea, especially if some of the guests at your Christmas gift experience under the tree are not fans of the same team. An added touch is to buy a cool gift for a rival team sign, so your friend can place it at the end of the driveway while true fans can park closer to the house.

This top gift for Christmas and the NFL fan is a  stop sign is made of durable styrene plastic and measures approximately 12" x 12", the same size and shape as a real stop sign. It features vibrant team colors and logos, this sign is a great gift decoration for any fan's home, inside or out.

Gifts for NFL Football Fans

Great Gift for the NFL Fan this Christmas
Great Gift for the NFL Fan this Christmas

6- Great Christmas Gift Ideas

A Collectible NFL Christmas Tree Ornament

Collectible purveyors such as Danbury Mint carry unique gifts with their lines of collectible sports gifts  including miniature buses, Christmas tree ornaments, mirrors, and even jackets always make for a great gift for the NFL fan in your house. While it remains to be seen if these gift items will appreciate in value, they are a great way to add some pizazz to a Christmas celebration and makes fora fun gift experience for an early Christmas eve gift opening time.

NFL Football Fan Gifts

NFL Team Logo Football
NFL Team Logo Football

5 -Wilson NFL Team Logo Football

Football Fan Gift Idea

A Wilson NFL team logo football is perfect gift idea for your football fan. The NFL official football is a definite ingridient for some pre-game tailgating fun and this is one special gift that will last all season long. The top of the team-colored football is decorated with the team graphics, while the bottom of the ball features play arrow graphics.Team logo mini football and team graphics adorn the top of the ball making your present the perfect gift idea for men, boys and any guy that you know that loves football. Bottom of the ball decorated with play arrow graphics and is officially licensed. I can assure you that this is one Christmas gift for him that he will thank you for all year long.

NFL Football Fans Gifts

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Mr. Potato Head

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Mr. Potato Head
NFL Philadelphia Eagles Mr. Potato Head

4 - NFL Christmas Fan Gifts Sports Spud Mr. Potato Head

4 -Cool Gift Ideas for Him

Mr. Potato Head  one of the most Unusual Gift

That is right, a Mr. Potato Head. For over 50 years fans of all ages have loved this classic character so why not put it on your list for one cool gift idea for guys of all ages. Now MR. POTATO HEAD toys have ventured into the NFL leagues making it one special gift. SPORTS SPUDS collectibles have been a hit as a sports Christmas at games across the country, And Mr Potato Head is a winner on this top list of gifts for him, the NFL fan in your life.

Best Gifts for NFL Fans

3- NFL Gifts for Her

Pink Sports Apparel

NFL supports the Crucial Catch

For the lady sport's fan, nfl apparel that comes in pink, is a sports apparel item that can be purchased in support of breast cancer making this cool gifts idea a doubly good unusual gift. The Indianapolis Colts are one team that features such designs. Peyton Manning sports jerseys and Colts baseball caps are just a couple of the options available.Why not add this a great idea for gifts for women on your Xmas list this year.

The Best Gifts for NFL Football Fans

2- Bestseller NFL Fan Gifts

Top Gift Ideas with the Men's Sports Fan Jerseys

The quintessential Christmas gift for the sports enthusiast is a replica jersey featuring their favorite player. Whether football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, replica equipment is always a great gift. For the best wow factor in the gift experience, make sure the gift you purchase is certified as an authentic piece. If this is a special gift for a boyfriend or family member and they don't have have a favorite player, then go for a really nice team t-shirt or sweatshirt. The best selling NFL Jerseys are always a cool gift, Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets is one of the best gift ideas for a girl like me.

NFL Best Fan Gift

1- NFL Best Fan Gift

Tackle Buddy Punching Bags

A great way to burn off some of that football pre-game energy for the NFL fan! Purchase this Christmas gift for your favorite team or the team you love to hate! These Tackle Buddies are constructed out of durable vinyl and are sand weighted for bounce-back action. Measures 24"x40" and inflates with any standard air pump.

  • Made from durable vinly.
  • Fun for anyone 3 years or older.
  • Dimensions: 40" tall and 24" wide.
  • High quality team specific artwork.
  • Officially Licensed NFL product.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2010
Christmas Gift Ideas 2010


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      History is insc ribed into the history of its football society, as hare's Live Footballshows so well. This is the first book in English to examine the unique role football plays in French society. What is so French about French football, and what does football tell us about France? have French football's club chairmen sold out to television, and how are top clubs being

    • LakeShow T profile image

      LakeShow T 

      7 years ago

      What a neat hub Shari! Very informative and full of some super-cool gifts/gift ideas for NFL fans this time of year. I think the NFL-themed Yahtzee game looks pretty sweet. I had never seen that before. Anyways, Great idea for a hub. Well done!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      what about tebow, mccoy,bradford and suh

    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      K9 - and don't forget all the good karma we get :) hers to many aprons in other peoples kitchens!

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      7 years ago from Northern, California

      Nice job here! Loving the linkable hubs!


    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      JordanBucher - Interesting that the NFL punching bag is one of the best selling items on Amazon! I hope you arent an Eagle fan. . cause that was not a pretty game for them yesterday.. but put my Giants in better standing in the NFC east ;)

    • JordanBucher profile image


      7 years ago from St. Charles

      Nice article! That punching bag would be awesome. I could use it to get rid of some anger after a disappointing loss.

    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      tony - you know I could use a new one, the last fleece throw I received was for the Yankees.. Jets or Giants you know they are the tops on my list :) But in sunny SD we may be have more fun with a football to toss around!

    • profile image

      moh'd alodat 

      7 years ago

      so cute

    • tony0724 profile image


      7 years ago from san diego calif

      Shari , these are so cool ! I never knew they had an NFL snuggie !I will get my Chargers one and get you a Jets one and we can watch the game together ! :)


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