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The Best Two Man Fishing Boats For Supreme Outdoor Fishing

Updated on December 17, 2010

Fishing has been a favorite pastime for countless people all over the world for ages and that’s evident in the remarkably wide array of fishing equipment in the market today plus the thriving of fishing gear manufacturers. One of the most useful things for very enthusiastic fisherman is a boat. Compared to just sitting on the banks or shores and waiting for the fish to bite, a boat gives you a better reach along the water and gives you more chances of catching fish that lurk further from the edge of the water. One of the most popular types of fishing boats is one that’s good for two people because of its more convenient size.

If you’re someone who likes fishing but seldom does it, you may rent fishing boats for your occasional hobby. However, if you’re someone who really loves fishing a lot, then don’t hesitate to get yourself your own fishing boat because this will be a valuable investment. There are boats made of aluminum and fiberglass, but if you’re concerned about your budget, you can go for the inflatable ones. Inflatable fishing boats are very convenient when it comes to transportation and storage and you can set them up and pack them up as you please in a very little amount of time.

Here are some tips when getting two-person fishing boats of the inflatable type. Check the size and see that the boat is really designed for two adult people. Check the features such as the material and the valves as these should make sure that you and your companion stay afloat. Choose those that have been approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for the best quality and protection. To give you the greatest selection among the two-man fishing boats that will generally fit for everyone’s fishing experience, check these out.

Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set
Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set

Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set

Get this Intex Seahawk boat and redefine your fishing experience. This one is good enough to support two adult people and it’s made of very durable and abrasion-resistant vinyl material that will ensure your safety on water. It has 3 air chambers in its hull and two boston valves that securely hold in air while making it easy for inflating and deflating. With this, you don’t have to worry about suddenly losing air in the middle of the water. This boat also has an inflatable floor for more stability and comfort onboard. This boat also comes with locks and holders for your oars so you don’t lose them accidentally. It also has fishing rod holders and a handle on the bow for easy transportation. No more lost oars and rods with this one.

Challenger 200 Inflatable Boat Raft 2 person two man 68334
Challenger 200 Inflatable Boat Raft 2 person two man 68334

Challenger 200 Inflatable Boat Raft 2 person two man 68334

It’s always best to bring along life jackets with you while fishing but it doesn’t mean you’re always going to get soaked in the water – especially with this dependable two-person boat. This one is made of strong PVC material that will effectively resist damages from abrasives and UV rays as well as harmful chemicals like gasoline. You can even take this with you to the sea as it is also designed to withstand the effects of saltwater.  This boat has three air chambers and valves that allow for easy set up and deflation. In addition to that you can have a more stable and comfortable time on the water because this one can take a lot of air pressure that makes it firmer. This boat also packs in a lot of features including a bow handle, an inflatable floor, a grab-line, oar locks and a repair patch. The best thing also is it is approved by the USCG for its top-of-the-line quality.

Sevylor Colossus 2-Person Inflatable Boat
Sevylor Colossus 2-Person Inflatable Boat

Sevylor Colossus 2-Person Inflatable Boat

This two-person fishing boat definitely won’t leave you hanging – or maybe we should say “sinking.” It offers the best quality possible which earns it a certification from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). It’s made of 14-gauge PVC that’s resistant to scratches, punctures, chemicals, sunlight and saltwater. It measures approximately 7 feet long (6 feet and 10 inches) and about 4 feet wide (3 feet and 11 inches). It’s good enough to carry two people as it has a capacity of supporting weights up to 435 pounds. This boat also offers you its Airtight System which gives you three individual air chambers and double-locking valves that double the security so you can rest assured that you won’t sink due to a sudden leakage of air. Aside from that, the valves are also designed to allow easy inflation and deflation. With this boat, you also get bonus features such as a multi-purpose grab line, dual oar locks plus a couple of oars.

Intex Excursion 2 Boat Set
Intex Excursion 2 Boat Set

Intex Excursion 2 Boat Set

Here’s another quality two-person fishing boat from Intex and it’s not called the Excursion for nothing. This one is made for your maximum satisfaction and enjoyment in the outdoors. It’s made with superbly tough vinyl that will stand up to anything and any weather. This one will withstand sunlight, saltwater, abrasives and other harmful matter. It features three air chambers in the hull: two main hull chambers and one auxiliary chamber to make sure that you keep afloat. On the two main chambers are boston valves that securely seal in air and facilitate easy inflation and deflation. Aside from that, this boat also gives you better stability with its inflatable I-beam floor so you stay more comfortable aboard. This boat is approved by the USCG and is complete with other great features like a multi-purpose grab line, a pump, some oars and some oar locks.

Sevylor Super Caravelle 2-Person Inflatable Boat
Sevylor Super Caravelle 2-Person Inflatable Boat

Sevylor Super Caravelle 2-Person Inflatable Boat

Make your outdoor trip more exciting by hopping aboard the Sevylor Super Caravelle; it measures 6 feet and 5 inches long and 4 feet wide so it’s good enough to carry two people. This one is made of heavy duty 16-gauge PVC material that will stubbornly withstand the onslaught of things like sun rays, saltwater, chemicals and abrasives. It’s also strong enough to take heavy air pressure so you can have a firmer and more stable boat floor. In case of any rare damages that may cause the outer air chambers to collapse, this boat features tunnel safety air chambers that will keep you floating so you don’t have to worry about anything. In fact, this boat packs in that much quality enough to earn it an approval from the NMMA. This boat also has double-locking valves that tightly keep the air in. You can also plug in an SBM 12V electric motor here. As with other excellent fishing boats, this one also offers you a multi-purpose grab line and some oar locks.


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